Hubmed – Pubmed on Steroids

I have been always praying for a radical change to the NCBI interface…i somehow feel that is too crammed…not allowing newcomers to move around freely.But basically there must be several improvements in the usability of the system itself.Now atleast Pubmed has a quite interesting and intuitive interface, Courtesy:Hubmed.making waves with the apt catchline

An alternative interface to the PubMed medical literature database

This is what makes Hubmed appealing..

  1. Quick access to searches with a Firefox search plugin or a HubMed bookmarklet (drag to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar).
  2. Export citations in RIS, BibTeX, RDF and MODS formats, or directly to RefWorks.Unzip HubMed’s import filter into Endnote’s Filters folder for direct import into Endnote, or install the RIS Export plugin for direct import into ProCite, RefMan and older versions of Endnote.
  3. Use the Citation Finder to convert reference lists from PDFs into search results.
  4. Create lists of closely related papers using Rank Relations, then visualise and browse clusters of related papers using TouchGraph (requires Java).
  5. Graph occurrences of keywords in published papers over time.
  6. Tag and store annotated metadata for articles of interest.

By the way you can drop in at their Hubmed

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