Reading PDF files

Adobe Reader

Everyday i make it a point to read atleast one research paper…but then sometimes i am able to finish only half or even less of that.As i presume most academicians at times prefer to read the softcopy of a paper because it offers certain advantages over their print counterpart.One reason for i feel lazy to take a print out and then carry it around reading.Somehow that feels quite dragging.However when i read a PDF i can concentrate more on the paper and annotate,refer, comment and do lot of things (i’ll write a post about that later) which is impossible with paper.So if you are with me on the softcopy philosophy then Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader would be a software that you would handle frequently.Now getting at ease with software can enhance your reading experience.

I know most people read a PDF by using the “drag” hand icon that pops up…but do you know that you can resize the PDF to view it fullscreen and at a suitable resolution for you to study using just 2 shortcuts (Ctrl L = fullscreen,Ctrl 2 =adjust resolution/view).Ok this just a small example…there are plenty more. Incase you forget it often take a print out and the shortcuts and stick around your workplace..or near the computer..Here’s the PDF for the shortcut keys.

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