App launcher

Most academic users of computers run several programs on their PC and quite possibly the only way to access these programs on Windows would be the notorious “Start” menu “programs”.An applet launcher help’s one to bypass this menu system and directly run the software in question by typing a name/word.Ask any mac user and they would be faimiliar with app launchers.Well windows users..we have our options too.

App Rocket

Previously i had been using AppRocket which was not a free version and therefore i had to forego the same with time…untill i ended up with SRlauncher.

Slick Run

This cool program just does the job..without any fuss…does not drink RAM and is very light to run.Just type the word or the “magic word”..and voila…it tries to autocopleteand hit enter…the program open…i just type “word”..on the launcher to open MS Office Word!…probably this might seem to be a very silly tool….start using it for a few days..and you’ll wonder how you lived without it so long.

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