Solution to Einstein’s Gravitational field Equation

I just went through this article.This is really a breakthrough and i would love evrybody to be aware of the same.Well it is cutting edge physics..but who’s worrying about that..the implications are more important.I’ll stop here..go ahead and read the article.Here’s a brief summary:
Physicist to Present New Exact Solution of Einstein’s Gravitational Field Equation from

New antigravity solution will enable space travel near speed of light by the end of this century, he predicts.

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, noted physicist Dr. Franklin Felber will present his new exact solution of Einstein’s 90-year-old gravitational field equation to the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) in Albuquerque. The solution is the first that accounts for masses moving near the speed of light.


2 responses to “Solution to Einstein’s Gravitational field Equation”

  1. durie kurcahtov Avatar
    durie kurcahtov

    what is new exact solution field einstein equation? may be sendt articles to my email.

  2. you can check that out at’m not a great physicist 😉

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