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It was a time when i used to scour technorati to find bloggers who blog on research papers..yes am very lazy to read through complete i kinda skim through these blogs that give you the cream of research papers in a more appealing language.But then i had a hard time doing it.Infact i was thinking about creating an index sort of thing where i would list all these blogs that wrote on research material.Well somebody just hit on the same idea and have come up with something even better.

Welcome to Postgenomic.This one really rocks.Ok what is about..?

Postgenomic collates posts from life science blogs and then does useful and interesting things with that data.

For example, it allows you to get an instant picture of which web sites are being heavily linked to by researchers in the medical sciences, or which papers are being cited or reviewed most often by bioinformaticians, or which buzzwords are being used the most frequently by evolutionary biologists.

It’s sort of like a hot papers meeting with the entire biomed blogging community.

Sort of.

Postgenomic is a community driven, open source project. Your help would be much appreciated. More detailed information is available in the get involved section.

This is a cool resource, it surpassed my expectations as just an aggregator/indexer of academic blog posts but also gives data like which of the research/science papers, news are hot in the blogging arena.Ok i’ll stop do the rest.

One more thing if you’r an academic blogger do check out the “get involved” section and let your writing help out people like me šŸ˜‰


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