Language shaping Thought

It has been quite sometime now since i posted.Was held back by work.However after listening to my usual dose of Podcasts i struck upon a very interesting article that i believe is of utmost importance to the academic community.I heard this on Scipod (the New Scientist podcast) you can check out the article on the New Scientist site.Better yet you can check out their podcast for an interview with the author.

I will just quote a few lines from the article:

Gordon says this is the first convincing evidence that a language lacking words for certain concepts could actually prevent speakers of the language from understanding those concepts.

Need a better reason for communicating more effectively?..yes in the era where academic research is progressing at a pace which cannot be imagined it is really essential that one be clear in communicating what one has done.One must also remember the clearer someone communicates concepts and ideas the more impact he has one people which in a competitive world is worth having. 😉


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