I came across this site from one of my bloglines subscriptions (sorry i dont remember which one ;-P…i've got hundreds of subscriptions!)

Since 1999, MindTools.com has helped improve and advance the careers of more than 8,500,000 visitors. Isn’t it time you discovered the secrets to their success?

On the navigation bars above, you'll find more than 100 essential life, career training and management training skills, freely available and outlined in easy to understand language to support your self development. These skills are supported by simple examples and exercises that expand and reinforce your understanding.

Mindtools has several useful article that give your productivity a shot in the arm.Yes the site is more geared towards non-academic professionals..but hey doesn't things like

Achieve More (Time management)

Problem Solving

Decision Making and more.. also fit into your academic life? Go ahead and if you find the articles interesting you can even have PDF's of the articles you read there..and have copies printed out.Well they've even got several books,but i'm not endorsing them..because i havent tried that yet.Add mindtools to your favourites now!

Oh i almost forgot they've got this newsletter..which has career tips,the newsletter is once in two months..so you dont have to worry about inbox clutter.Yes i would have appreciated if they had RSS..but hey..you can't ask for everything especially,when it's free 😉


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