Windows LIVE Academic Search BETA

Windows LIVE Academic

I planned to write this post about a week back but since then i've been constantly playing around with Windows Live Academic Search Beta and well i don't see a reason to switch over from Scholar. Yes the interface is kinda catchy..but then all search products of MS are undergoing some serious design overhauls.Well Live academic like its competitor Google scholar directly indexes content directly from the journals allowing better results. Infact they've given a list of the journals that have associated with.I must say the list was impressive but could have been much longer. Of-course you can hang around Academic Search Beta to see all the cosmetic/user experience makeovers.But then its still in BETA and should not be compared with Scholar yet.

If you need a comprehensive review of all the features and nitty gritties check out the links below.For now i am sticking with Scholar..waiting on Academic Live BETA.

Windows Live Academic Search

MSN Search Blog


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