Presenting a Scientific Poster

How many times have you been to a poster presentation session in a scientific meeting? i've been to several.I can categorize these sessions into two: a) the poster is put up and the audience go through it during the coffee/tea break and b) the poster session includes the respective authors of the poster standing beside and explaining the idea behind it.

Now the first option requires that the presenter design the poster in a self explanative manner as the reader has to understand the work on his own.One other point to be noted in this kind of a presentation is that the viewer is more prone to moving away to another poster since there is nothing that keeps him at the place which is not the case when there is a speaker there.

So remember you have to be very sharp presenter when you publish a poster.Ok enough of me saying…read some practical tips here from George R. Hess – NC State University / Leon H. Liegel – Oregon State University.

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