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I just noticed yesterday that Endnote has come up with a new version Endnote 10, which seems to have some interesting features added to its arsenal.I haven’t tried it out yet, but from what’s on the Website i am really looking forward to the PDF organising ability.Its been a long time since i’ve been looking for a good PDF file organiser and integrating that into a reference manager is very thoughtful.Here’s what’s new from Endnote X

Endnote 10

Organize your PDF files with EndNote libraries
EndNote X introduces a new way to manage your PDF files. Now you can drag and drop a PDF file onto an EndNote record saving many steps and creating a link automatically. The PDF files are stored along with the EndNote references. And when you need to move your EndNote library between computers, the new compressed library option creates a single-file backup for easy transport.
View more—or less—detail as desired
EndNote X expands your library view with up to eight fields enabling you to sort columns quickly. A new icon identifies references containing links to PDF and other files. The reference edit window now includes a show/hide empty fields option to reduce scrolling for reference detail.
Other new features:
Reference type lists are now alphabetized for locating easily
Four new reference types—Grant, Ancient Text, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia
The “Electronic Source” references type is renamed to “Web Page.”
New—compressed library option creates a single-file backup for moving EndNote libraries between computers
Store up to 45 links per reference in the “Link to PDF” field
Convert existing PDF links to the new EndNote-relative link in one step
Use the PDF icon in the EndNote toolbar to open the first linked file in the highlighted reference
“Change Text” and “Change Fields” include a new option for tab and carriage returns used in phrases
Search fields and words using “begins with” and “ends with”—replaces “Use Full Text Index” of previous versions
“RTF Document Scan” is renamed to “Format Paper”
Search and collect references in new ways
EndNote X offers new search options including “begins with” and “ends with” for field and word searching. With continued suggestions from users, EndNote X includes new and updated files for searching online resources, importing references, and formatting bibliographies. You’ll find 800+ connections to online sources, 540+ import filters and over 2,300 publishing styles!

Here’s a tour of the new features in Endnote


2 responses to “Endnote X”

  1. Bala,
    sankar here…i use endnote in mac os x…

    its not great…and word integration (CWYW) often fails…and new macs have switched to intel processors …

    endnote uses Rosetta a platform for running PPC programs on intel mac that makes it double slow…

    and another big problem is, with your home directory on server as its ofen the case in universities and insitutes…endnote will not work with Word template files in remote home directory…!!

    shortly its a pain in the a$$

  2. Roberto Mendoza Avatar
    Roberto Mendoza

    I agree that EndNote has some shortcomings, but for me it’s still a valuable tool. My university offers RefWorks for free (online) but it seems that it takes a few more steps to include references, insert citations, etc. So, for the time being, I am sticking with EndNote (still version 7 though).

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