The Zen of Presentations

I found this series of interesting (needless to say useful) series of post from Dr.Zen Falukes (and yes the name of the author is just a coincidence i believe ;-).Ofcourse there are several interesting posts on presentation tips that i’ve written about,but this one is special in that it comes from a person in academia,which make it more relevant.

The Zen of Presentations 1

It’s all about you (The Zen of Presentations 2)

Can you do it on the radio? (The Zen of Presentations 3)

Titles slides are a crutch (The Zen of Presentations 4)

Legalized insanity (The Zen of Presentations 5)
The points mentioned in the posts are valid and down to earth tips that almost any user or presenter can adopt!Drop by his blog for some more interesting stuff.


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