Labtec Wireless Optical mouse 800 Review

Looking for a mouse for my notebook, i took a walk around Saturn. I was initially looking for a optical mouse that wasn’t small, I needed something big enough so that I could hold it comfortably. Looking at the choices I then decided to go for a wireless one.I found the labtec Wireless Optical mouse 800, the right choice as far as the size and price was concerned (20€).


The packing is bit difficult to open, which did set me off initially. It had no seal that could easily torn off..instead it was completely sealed package. After quite an effort I finally opened the package. The mouse is as big as the usual desktop one (which is one of the reasons that it interested me apart from the price). The mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries which makes it really HEAVY, yes with a capital. The pack also had a PS2 to USB converter, a radio receiver set and an extension cable for the USB.


The first thing that set me off is the radio receiver set that was bundled. It is the size of a (mini notebook) mouse itself. However since I would just be using it at my dorm table it really doesn’t bother me. When I set up the mouse, yes it is detected when the radio receiver subunit is plugged in and the installation of the mouse itself went quick and easy.


The horrible part of the experience just began.I just could get the mouse connect with the the radio receiver subunit. The mouse is supposed to be detected by the receiver by pressing a button provided on the receiver followed by pressing another red button underneath the mouse. The mouse is often ‘lost’ by the receiver and you have to keep doing this whole button pressing thing often.The distance within which the receiver recognizes the mouse is completely unacceptable!!(Its not even a few inches!).


So if your planning for a wireless mouse for your notebook or desktop the Labtec Wireless Optical mouse 800 should never be among your options!. By the way if you have any recommendation/suggestions for me, basically a not very costly but a truly ‘wireless’ mouse please do leave a comment.


2 responses to “Labtec Wireless Optical mouse 800 Review”

  1. i have this mouse its the worst experience ever

  2. The problem you experienced with the mouse was related to battery voltage, when the battery is low the mouse will have issues. Also this mouse does use a lot of battery power so you will need rechargeable. If not a USB bluetooth mouse will be find for you these can be found at any local store

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