10 Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life while travelling

What you need to know about using your laptop while travelling and squeezing the maximum of your batteries.

One response to “10 Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life while travelling”

  1. If you have power management program on your laptop, pick “Long life”

    Keep battery in room temperature – icy cold weather drink more juice – have you hear of “cold cranking power?”

    Recharge battery full before your road trip

    Buy a power inverter that you can plug into a car cigarette/power outlet

    Bring a spare battery (cost you $80 to $200)

    Bring the normal charger and recharge it at fast food outlet, gas station.

    Turn laptop off when not in use

    Use someone else laptop- for wireless communication

    Get a 8 to 12 cell battery- get a Centrino Mobile type laptop

    Print out the stuff you wanted to read from your laptop so that you do not have to power up the laptop.

    Leave laptop at home

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