Cisco VPN Client & Voip!

For the past two days i have trying unsuccessfully to connect to friends on skype. Infact i can log into skype and even place the call and get to hear a few ‘seconds’ worth of conversation but thereafter its just static and crackling sounds.After trying several  tweaks and options i ended up on the Skype forums only to find out that the cultprit is the Cisco VPN client that i use to connect to my University WiFi! much for getting ‘connected’. The solution on the forums was to upgrade the Cisco software on the server side, which i doubt would really be a solution to a student. What’s worse in the fact is that the Cisco system causes trouble on several other voip software like Google talk and Voip cheap.

If anybody has found a solution then please let me know (via a comment).


4 responses to “Cisco VPN Client & Voip!”

  1. I’m not sure if it’s a solution, it’s more of a trial an error method. Try using different VPN clients such as the Windows VPN client. Or you can download free VPN clients such as Hamachi, Logmein and Network Manager.

    Nationwide VPN

  2. Thx Rick will give that a try.

  3. Yeah you have to research on different VPN companies. I had the same problem and i switched to a cheap and reliable high speed internet company, they offer everything, check them out:

  4. Thanks John, being in a University the best (cheap=free) connectivity you can get is the one that the university provides!!

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