Itunes messed up my Music Library

I dont understand,but right from the starting of the year i am having troubles with software i use.Ok now its Itunes turn!This has happened for the fourth time now,my itunes suddenly erases or loses all its music library and comes up clean.I then have to restore the music library from my backups.Now its not really problem when its music,but my podcasts! i have to resubscribe to all of them – i lose synching ability with my ipod. I checked up with the Itunes support forum and only consolation is that i am not the only poor soul! well bad year i guess….or may be i am done here with the PC?


2 responses to “Itunes messed up my Music Library”

  1. dude, you better check your computer for viruses! solutions are simple.

  2. ok itunes has messed up but u can dounload a patch

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