Creative INSPIRE T3100 Review

I have been using the Inspire T3100 2.1 for over a month now and its the best bang for your buck! I was looking for a good but cheap (oh that combination is almost too good!) speakers.My use would be for my notebook and for my mp3 music player. The speakers that came out the cheapest and with good quality were definitely from the creative stable. I did come across some good speaker systems from Logitech but they did turn out to be pricey atleast by 20 or 30 bucks, which is a lot if you are student!

Speaker Power:  6 Watts RMS per channel (2 channels)
17 Watts RMS subwoofer

Signal to Noise ration:  80dB

Freq response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz

Ok so what you see above is the specs of the speaker system.Well its nothing great, at first look,but as you start listening to it you really understand that they are a damn good pair of speakers for the cash you pay.I usually play Indian, specifically A.R.Rehman hits which contain a spectrum of frequencies to check out the reproduction capacity of the speakers, this one really rocks. The tweeter is so good you pickup even the mildest mids. I could definitely has greater detail from cymbals, triangles and acoustic guitars.The 17-watt RMS powered wood subwoofer gives you sufficient base, unless you want to break you neighbours windows it should be perfect for most listeners. So if you are looking for a 2.1 speaker system that really doesn’t dent your wallet, mostly a music lover,then the Inspire T3100 is definitely your pic. Gaming perfomance is decent but not on par with the music reproduction capabilities.I picked this up for 40€ and am loving it!

12 responses to “Creative INSPIRE T3100 Review”

  1. Thanks for this. Don’t know why I’m wasting time researching on the best way to spend the grand sum of £25. I guess I’m at that age. Anyway, I will try and relax now and just click on the “add to basket” in the other window.
    Cheers dude.

  2. Hey, glad could be of help Mo 😉

  3. Hey awesome review, I was thinking of getting a set of these as well but was wondering what type of connection it has? Is it just 1 input rca connection or the one that has 3? I’m trying to find a set of speakers for my macbook so I need something that only has one connection.

  4. Bought a pair of these today, really like ’em!

    Oscar: Its a 1 input RCA

  5. Hi Oscar,

    Ya these are stereo speakers with a subwoofer,they just have one pin that you need to plugin to your audio out.By the way i too am using these on my Macbook pro via airtunes 😉 it rocks! oh thx for quick reply Tob.

  6. Thanks, Bala! Your review was great. Just like Mo, added it to the cart in the other window. Your note about AR Rahman was the convincing factor!

  7. Thx sukri, gald to be of help 😉

  8. got mine yesterday evening … I can confirm they play nice 😀

    {for the record 49.90 €}

  9. HEY!





  10. WINKY JABALOO ,you idiot,they are completely different!
    Theese are GREAT speekers,love them. They are louder than I expected :),and sound quality is good.

  11. Sure, its a fine speaker.. But you guys are giving it way to much credit.. The tweeter makes a “hollow sound”, this can be fix in the equaliser.. But for a “cheap” speaker its rather good

  12. […] INSPIRE T3100 Review « Bala’s Blog “17 Watts RMS subwoofer Signal to Noise ration:  80dB Freq response: 40Hz ~ 20kHz Ok so […]

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