Firefox Passwords export Utility

I am well aware of the fact that the best way to store passwords is just remember them.But then these days every damn site asks for a registration, although there are workarounds sometimes plainly registering and letting your browser save the login details is convenient. When i decide to reinstall my Windows OS on my notebook, i realised that i backed up everything except this password list that Firefox maintained.I might be having atleast 25 to 30 site login details in there! apparently there is no easy way built into firefox to do this.

The simplest was i found is to use this script which allowed me to view my login details as a text file, which i have exported and backed up. Guess this should be one of the features that would make Firefox even better!


4 responses to “Firefox Passwords export Utility”

  1. Why not just use Justin Scott’s Firefox extension: Password Exporter?


  2. that’s a wondeful tool..thx pal, cant believe i didn’t use it for so long 😉

  3. The stupid thing from Justin Scott’s Firefox extension: Password Exporter does not work on Firefox
    What next????

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