Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML – Compatible games

I am one of the many (i guess) who is stuck on a laptop with the Mobile Intel 915/910 chipset. But i do like to play games and try to squeeze the best i can from my graphics support ;-). I checked with the Intel website to find a list of games that run decently on the chipset, their list i believe is no longer or rarely updated, so i decided to make a list of my own with the help of the community of gamers (inclusive of the above games. The following games are compatible (meaning they are ‘playable’ -no funky settings, but just decent frame rate and gameplay) with the Mobile Intel 915/910 chipset.If you have the above Intel chipset and have played games apart from the ones mentioned here please be kind enough to contribute to the list via the comments section.

A comprehensive listing of all tips, tricks & suggestion for gaming on the Intel9x platform is available at the Google group.


This discussion has been moved to a separate Google Group at Thanks for all the comments.


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417 responses to “Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML – Compatible games”

  1. Also Sort of Working (complicated):
    c. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Running it normally has a horrid crash right away, but you can get it to work as follows (excuse the long directions, it was longer figuring out what to do by trial and error.):

    1. Install it with the cds;

    2. IMPORTANT!!*

    Go to (or the equivalent) and get a properly patched version (I used the GiMPsRUS one–GCW seems to be down at the moment but it will probably be back soon hopefully). Unzip this to the install directory, replacing PoP.exe. Alternatively, use your favorite SafeDisc 3 decryptor and leave disc 2 in the drive so the game can read it when needed, or call UbiSoft and donate your untold riches to them so they release an official proper version (like they did for XIII (which is also totally awesome, imho)).

    Leave the folder open for now.

    3. Get 3D-Analyze (v2.36b, current version at time of writing worked for me) from (or the equivalent**).

    Install it, then open the program up and SELECT the (proper, decrypted) PoP.exe which you installed in step 2 using the button next to “1.”

    Check the box in the lower right under ANTI-DETECT MODE next to ‘textures’
    IMPORTANT: Don’t press RUN yet!

    4. Go back over to the Sands of Time directory which you visited in step 2 (hopefully it’s still open).

    Double click PrinceOfPersia.EXE but DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING AFTERWARDS!

    A warning screen should come up “Your videocard is not supported…” with some buttons. Do not click them!

    Leave this open and go back to 3D-Analyze.

    5. Click the button next to “2.”: Run!

    6. POP:SOT runs properly, and the Ubisoft logo appears!

    Play and Enjoy the game on your Intel 915G chipset!

    POSTSCRIPTIAN NOTE: (I have the latest 915G Developer drivers from Intel’s homepage installed on my Dell Inspiron B130, so if it doesn’t work you might try upgrading. If you have a Dell laptop and want to do this, be sure to use the zip installer and manually replace their super old drivers; they’ve blocked the easier to use .exe installer for some reason.. ;p )

    *Note that skipping this step makes 3D-Analyze try to hook the safedisc code during 5 and it won’t work! 😮
    You were warned!

    **Official webpage:
    Donate them some money while you’re there, since their hook/emu code is awesome 😮

    (Many kudos go to the people who got Fable to work on other chipsets using 3D-Analyze, and made posts about it so I learned about the most awesome of programs and spent an entire weekend trying unsuccessfully to get my copy of the game to run -_-“ but grew familiar with 3DA at the same time ^_^“)


  2. Aaaah!
    Step 3 errata!

    Step 3 part 2:

    Also be sure to check the tick box next to
    ’emulate HW TnL caps’
    in the middle right under “Hardware Limits (cap bits)” in 3D-Analyze.

  3. Fable: The Lost Chapters worked really well on my laptop.
    Also GTA: San Andreas, I guess GTA: Vice City should work fine too.

    Can you tell me, what framerate did you get in Half Life 2, please. : )

  4. sorry dude i just tried the demo and dont remember the framerate exactly, since it was running and decent enough i was overjoyed 😉 and cared for nothing more!

    works too 😀

  6. yea doom 3 works on my laptop

  7. thanks for the help, now i will go out and get it.

  8. Amazingly I got Half Life 2: Episode One to work ok (and complete) but bear in mind you have to lower the graphics to the lowest possible and then cope with crap frame rates when you get attacked by the large enemies (ie spaceships or the tripods). The same goes for the original Half Life 2, because the chip struggles to cope with large game areas. Otherwise, it’s awesome and doesn’t make the game totally unplayable.

    I also got the Call of Duty expansion pack to work, but Call of Duty 2 seems a definite no.

    Commandos: Strike Force works fine too (even if it’s not great)

    Good budget games to try are Mafia (recommended if you like the film Goodfellas), Black and White, and HItman 2.

  9. Wow..Half life 2 works..!!! that is really amazing.

  10. Yeah… you said so yourself if your very first post remember…. I was pointing out that the new Episode One works as well. Yee harr. I bet you any money that Episode Two doesn’t though.

  11. i’ve found out these games worked

    fifa 07
    nfs most wanted
    marine park empire(laggy)
    silent storm + expansion
    homeworld 2
    battle realms + expansion

    anyway,i hope tat everyone will keep posting which games work and which aren’t,thanx.

  12. I too hope so! found several games that i thought would never work with this Intel board! 😉

  13. Christian Enghoff Avatar
    Christian Enghoff

    I got a problem. I got half life 2, counter strike source and day of defeat source. I got Mobile intel 915GM/GMS,910 GML express chipset family card.. and it runs like shit! in day of defeat source its lagg when i try to join a map like dod_avalanche or dd_flash. my fps (frames per second) is 9-8 on these maps. counter strike source laggs also in big maps like cs_assault or de_dust2. It’s very lame and i want to hear if any one got a idea or a fix to this problem. PS: I have also download the newes driver to my graphic card, and it still laggs!!! PLz someone help me (sry for my bad english… i come from denmark :P)

  14. does world of warcraft work with this Graphhics card? Just wanted to know.

  15. Got Unreal Tournament GOTY to work.
    May encounter speed issues where at 100% the game runs like its on crack (like if the speed was set at 500%).

    This worked for me: launch the safe mode thingy and set graphics to software mode. run the game normally, and in the settings, change to direct3d.

    If that dont work… then.. just get 2k3 or 2k4….

    Oh also wanting to know if lineage2 C5 will work…

    (btw, does anyone know how to get battle field 2 to work??? PLZ!!!)

  16. Tried running Counter Stike Source v13

    FTS! it lags like hell… even on the lowest graphics settings…. (scary thing though the game recommendations for some of them were medium and high…)

    If there is a patch, fix, whatever, to make this run smoothly (despite what ever grafix) plz let me know…
    thank you…

  17. Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood work with 3D-Analyze tweak..

  18. any one able to run NFS:Carbon

  19. And does any know whether i can run HaLLO 2 if put Vista..

  20. I tried to run NFS Carbon but it doesn’t work, even with new drivers to intel chipset
    Any idea if heroes V work on intel 915/910?

  21. Hi….
    amazingly stalker-shadow of chernobyl worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no tweaks needed just lower the graphics……
    Halo 1 worked
    resident evil 4 biohazard also worked.!!!!!
    amazing na??????[:)]

    how did u run brothers in arms earned in blood with 3danalyze…
    Please give ur settings…

  22. wow..Manhunt works…got try it out… 😉 a little heads up on 3danalyze

    3D-Analyze is a tool for transform and lightning hardware emulation. So it is very useful for running TnL games on video cards that have not on board dedicated circuits for TnL calculations (like all Voodoo, Kyro, some Radeon and older). It uses power of central processing unit to do emulation.

  23. guys if somebody has stuff to contribute to the list of games working well on Parallels please leave a comment on my post.thanks

  24. Has any1 tried to run x3 re-union? ive got it workin, but only just…if any1 has been able to have more success with it i’d love to know,

  25. Da psycho dictator Avatar
    Da psycho dictator

    Unfortunately on Medieval 2142 the graphics on the strategy map run alright, but the battles have an unbearably slow framerate meaning that one has to constantly use the autobattle option. I’m afraid the AI is pretty stupid on these.

  26. Hey all!
    I’ll just wanna be shure, why does my Day of Defeat Source lagg in the big maps, but not the small maps?? And another thing. Does Counter Strike 1.6 also run with 20fps sometimes??? Damn i hate this graphic card… -.-

  27. how can i make bloodrayne 2 work using 3danalyzer, it makes bloodrayne1 works

  28. I there anyone who tried to play vampire the mascarade bloodlines or warhammer mark of chaos, is there any possibility to run these games?

  29. @Mainak
    to run earned in blood, just check the “force sw tnl” and “emulate hw tnl caps” options in 3d analyze

    how’s the frame-rate in resident evil 4?

  30. yasharth mehrotra Avatar
    yasharth mehrotra

    frame rate is capped at 30…n at 512 mb ram it stays likewise only if u force vertex/pixel shader to 1.1 n skip vs2.0….game looks gud on 1.1 …will anybody please tell me if tomb raider anniversary will work on 915 g n intel mobile 512mb ram…..i m dying to know

  31. DeltaForce Xtreme works with 3danalyse….
    force s/w h&l

  32. I installed Fifa 06 lately. Yes it comes as a surprise. But my stupid 915GM mother board jus doesnt support Fifa 07 😦 , even after all updating n alll.
    even 06 , 05 are running properly but gameplay cming very slow … as in everything is moving in slow motion. 😦
    Anybody with a suggestion pls help.

  33. NFS MOST WANTED works fantastically on default settings too!!!!

  34. @nico
    i get crap frame rate even with default settings for NFSMW…
    how did u manage???

  35. @yasharth
    can u tell me the 3d analyze settings u used for RE4 coz i can’t see anything except leon in the game


  36. just force s/w t/l…
    it will do…or hardware t/l

  37. yasharth mehrotra Avatar
    yasharth mehrotra

    i just enable pixel shader to v1.4 and disable ps 2.0 to get better frame rate……re4 works on my laptop even without 3d analyzer….. just try copying v 1.1 cracked exe without updating…by doing this it gets updated graphics and the missing lighting

  38. I think FPS rates may get better when you increase the ram and choose the higher graphics setting rather than performance. it’ll pul more into the gfx and if you have 1024 ram it shouldn’t matter.

    By the way, World of Warcraft runs with some lag when in major cities or large areas and when flying with 915 chipset and 512 graphics. Over the next few days i will test it with 1024 ram and see what the difference is.


  39. Uhm…. Im playing World of warcraft but….. theres no lag or anything but alot of bugs! fks: the floor in Org is pink and when ive played wow for an hour or anything my computer chrashes and i need to restart it. any solution for that? 🙂

  40. ok guys….throwing a stone in the bush here….DOES GRAW 1 WORK ON THIS GPU?

  41. Just tried Area 51. Works 100% out of the box but for decent fps u have to tune down the graphix.

  42. Just picked up madden 08. Running native widescreen res (1280×768), im getting anywhere between 15 and 25 fps.

    Live 07 works for me with lighting, I just had to get a settings with with it already enabled. Even though the option is greyed out, if the settings file is already configured, it will stay on.

    This is on HP dv1331se laptop – 512megs DDR 266, 1.7 Pentium M, 4000 rpm HD, and the 915 chipset.

    Keep in mind that laptops are VERY finicky machines, software that works on your buddies might not for you. The same specs on different motherboards makes a big difference sometimes. Regular defragmentation and smart memory management is a MUST. MSCONFIG.EXE is your friend….

  43. Does anyone know if Falcon 4.0: Allied Force works well with the latest version of Parallels? Thank you!

  44. does anybody know how 2 run supreme commander using 3d analyzer? thanx in advance.

  45. I’m using a laptop Dell M14SPX has chipset Mobile Intel® 915GM/GM/910GML, and also using window vista system on my computer. But this chipset is not support for VISTA. I think that We should sugget to Intel corporation and comment them writing a sotfware for this chipset for buyer to easy using VISTA system. This is a system used many people in the world.

    What do you think?

  46. I’m using a laptop Dell M140SPX has chipset Mobile Intel® 915GM/GM/910GML, and also using window vista system on my computer. But this chipset is not support for VISTA. I think that We should sugget to Intel corporation and comment them writing a sotfware for this chipset for buyer to easy using VISTA system. This is a system used many people in the world.

    What do you think?

  47. how do you people run GTA:SA without the weird characters all over it?

  48. By weird characters i mean i see like an alphabet flashing all the time, which is quite annoying.

  49. This is a fantastic Blog. Thanks everyone for your entries. I was so ticked when I found that the laptop I bought a year ago wouldn’t play most current-gen games.

    I want to buy NHL 2008 soon after release. If anyone has a clue that this will work, I’d love some input. What I’ve read suggests that it has the same requirements as Madden 07 so I may take the chance.

    These are the only games I got to work on my little lappy…

    World of Warcraft
    Warcraft 1 (can’t get sound to work)
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  50. Just updating my post in case anyone’s interested…

    According to the system requirements that were posted on EA forums, select laptop chipsets (like my 915) may work but are not supported.


    I guess I’ll just have to blow $40 to find out.

  51. Sorry for my english, I’m out of practice…

    It’s strange what happens with NFS Cabon and the 915 Chipset integrated 3D Card.

    This game has LESS minimum requirements than NFS Most Wanted, but I can’t make it work with the latest drivers, patches and all what you can think of.

    However I use NFS Most Wanted just fine and lots of other recent games!!!!

    Other one that I can’t use is Prince of Persia “The Sands of Time”, but this is not a new one…

  52. it work on nba live 05 and 06?

  53. nba live 07 runs perfectly well so i guess 05 and 06 will run too

  54. cool idea ! 🙂

    the games i got running

    -Pro evolution soccer 4, 5 and 6 but with 6 you can’t see the main menu, it’s just black.
    -Prince of Persia warrior within
    -Soldier of Fortune 2
    -Warcraft 3
    -Starcraft and all the expansion packs

  55. i have intel 945 . these games worked on my laptop
    .biohazard 4
    .fifa 07
    .evil dead regeneration.(works greatly)

    and these games that didn’t work:
    .vampires :bloodline

    keep updating guys. and if anybody know if BIOSHOCK works on that card?

  56. hey, has team fortress 2 worked for anyone on this? it didn’t work for me, but i also haven’t updated drivers in two years.. will update them and see if that fixes it

  57. Good job guys and thanks alot for updating the game comaptibility list for both 915 and 945.I hope we can just keep this going,this is a great site.By the way,i have a Intel 945 gm and i have got “World In Conflicts” running fine without using any tweaks.

  58. @john – i have tried TF2, it works but the gameplay is VERY laggy 😦

  59. I have also tried the PES 2008 demo. And it works very well on 1280 x 800 and low graphics. And to be honost the game doesn’t look that bad on low graphics. It looks like pes5 or pes6 on high graphics.

  60. I have halflife 2, but it doesn’t work right for me. I get a “Visual Runtime Error on hl2.exe”. I assumed it was because of the video card. I have a 945GM (and intel says it doesn’t work). Any suggestions on how to get it to run properly? Thanks.

  61. Wanted to add that FIFA 2008 also work on 915

  62. For the Half-Life 2 autosave crash, You just have to add “+mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1” to the end of shortcut target. Make sure that there is a space between this and the end of the original target.

    -I also have a question. Does anyone one know if halo 2 works with the 945gm chipset. I beaten halo so many times and sadly I don’t have a xbox or xbox 360, so with Halo 3 out I want finish everything so that I can finish the fight!

  63. Does anyone know rise of legends work in 915GM chipset?
    it doesn;t work in my laptop!!$@@#$..

  64. games that worked on 945gm:
    -quake 4 (laggy)
    -battlefield 1942 (very smooth on everything high)
    -freedom fighters (fixable problems with dual cores)
    -area 51 (4 some reason mine crashes after checkpoint 1)
    -World in Conflict (Surprising! but has slight lagging on lowest settings)
    -tom clancy’s raven shield ( fixable problems with dual cores)
    -soldier of fortune double helix (smooth on medium)
    -shadow ops red mercury
    -red faction 2

  65. games that worked on Intel 915/910 chipset:
    1) splinter cell (1st one)(but expiriencing problems
    while using thermal vision)
    2) prince of persia: sands of time (with
    3d analyzer)..thanks
    3) prince of persia: warroir within
    4) prince of persia: the two thrones
    5) gta: vice city
    6) gta: sanandreas
    7) lord of the rings: battle for middle earth
    8) lord of the rings: battle for middle earth 2
    9) tomb raider: legends
    10) oblivion (with oldblivion)… again thanks
    11) gun
    12) psi: ops The mindgate conspiracy
    13) star wars: empire at war
    14) Empire earth 2
    15) hitman 3
    16) godfather
    17) doom 3 (slightly laggy)
    18) the incredibles 2
    19) sniper elite
    20) rise of nations: rise of legends

    games that worked for short period:
    1) call of cthulhu: the dark corners of the earth
    2) F.E.A.R
    3) sin episodes: emergence (almost like hl2)
    these games worked for some time upto a point , once we get at that point the game crashes.

    games that did not work:
    1) uber soldier
    2) the da-vinci code
    3) 25 to life
    4) X-men: the official game
    5) vietcong2

    games that run but makes pc restart randomly:
    1) crime life

  66. also pixel shader 2.0


    1] What do the games require?
    -> CPU, RAM, VIDEO card.

    2] What do the latest games require?
    -> Well, speaking in terms of games that are release
    between 2006-2007, their minimum requirements are:

    CPU: P3, CELERON or P4 (however 90% games required

    Minimum CPU speed for P4 required was 2.2 GHz

    RAM of minimum 256 or 512 mb (90% games required
    512 mb)

    Minimum VIDEO memory of 64mb or 128mb (60% games
    required 64mb)

    P4 PROCESSOR: 3.2 GHz
    RAM: 1 GB

    OBLIVION requires minimum of,
    * 512MB System RAM
    * 2 Ghz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
    *128MB Direct3D Compatible Video card
    But it does not run on system having,
    *P4 PROCESSOR: 3.2 GHz
    *RAM: 1 GB

    3) Why do these games dont run even if u have such
    nice system?
    -> Well, the only aspect where your pc fails is GRAPHICS.
    Even if you have intel 900 GMA graphics with 192 MB of
    memory or 950 GMA graphics with 256 MB of memory,
    there are few more things that your graphic chip or
    graphic card must have.

    4) What does 910 and 950 GMA graphics have?
    * VIDEO MEMORY : 192 MB FOR 900 GMA AND 256
    FOR 950 GMA
    * PIXEL SHADER : 2.0
    Uses DIRECTX)

    So all features are satisfied for the GAMES OF 2006-2007 ERA, except one where 910 or 945 fails. These games require HARDWARE VERTEX SHADERS and what 910 or 945 chipset has is SOFTWARE VERTEX SHADERS.

    5) So what can be done to run these or later games?
    TO FIND.



    6) What motherboard or graphic card do you suggest will
    be able to run all latest as well as upcoming games?
    -> Speaking in terms of latest games like BIOSHOCK or
    SPIDERMAN 3, what you require minimum is :

    SPIDERMAN 3 minimum system rquirements :
    CPU : P4 3.0 GHz
    RAM : 1GB for XP and 1.5 GB for VISTA
    VIDEO memory : 256 MB
    VIDEO memory FEATURES :-
    * PIXEL SHADER : 3.0

    So taking into account these features I suggest that INTEL G35 motherboard or nVIDIA 8800 GTX would be best.

    7) What are the features of G35 motherboard and nVIDIA
    8800GTX card?
    -> Both have same features except that you will expirience
    smoother performance when playing on nVIDIA 8800
    GTX card.
    * VIDEO MEMORY : 384 MB for G35 and 786 MB for
    nVIDIA 8800 GTX
    * PIXEL SHADER : 4.0
    * HW T & L : YES

    NOTE: You require DirectX 10 for these and p4 processor is
    not supported on INTEL G35 motherboard. Only
    CORE 2 DUO or higher is supported on G35
    motherboard. Also RAM of frequency 800 or 1033 or
    1333 MHz is only supported on G35 motherboard.

    For more information visit INTEL website

    Also if u want to check whether the game would run on your pc or not, visit this website:

    I am genius. hehe.
    Just hoping that some one puts some more info about games that can succesfully run on 910 or 945 chipset.

  68. Sanchet,

    I know you said these graphic cards won’t run most newer games, but do you know if halo 2 will run on the 945gm because F.E.A.R. and World in Conflict, which are both newer games, do?

  69. Kah,

    Firstly, F.E.A.R runs on 910 or 945 upto a point after which it crashes. Did you use 3d analyzer to run it???

    I have not played “world in conflict” yet.

    Now speaking about halo2,
    it requires minimum of:
    CPU : P4 2.0GHz
    RAM : 1GB
    VIDEO memory : 128MB with PIXEL SHADER 2.0
    (its good that it does not require
    hardware vertex shaders)
    (HW T & L not required)
    Operating system : Windows VISTA

    So if you have these features the game may run, bcoz 945 or 910 fails only for vertex shaders and HW L & T.
    But still you may expirience the game laggy.

    NOTE: HALO2 is made only for windows vista.

  70. Also note that i have given the website where you can check whether game would run on your pc or not.
    Visit this website:

  71. Thanks a lot sanchet, but to run F.E.A.R. I just updated to version 1.05 and it ran perfectly without any lag. Also, I tried that website and on almost every game its says failed because it doesn’t detect the emulated HW L&T. What I have noticed is that almost every game, with the exception of a few, that requires pixel shader 1.4 or lower runs on the Intel 945 GM.


    This is not allways accurate to coz like it tells me that Flatout 2 needs Video HW Transform & Lighting, but i dont have it on my 915 but still the game works perfectly without any lag or tweaks (3d-analyse).

  73. Mafia & kah,

    Please read my article above carefully.

    I have already said that HW L & T is provided by the CPU if u dont have that feature in your GPU. So if u have enough cpu frequency the game will definitely work. But in case of games asking for vertex shaders u might rarely find any such game working.

    So my advice is that you all just watch out whether the game asks for vertex shaders on that website.

  74. Okay and thanks.

    Do you know if the intel 945gm supports 3.0 pixel shader like intel says or will it come out in the next driver? Because if no, then were stuck with game with games already out and will probably have to buy a new computer (desktop, no more laptop for me).

  75. World of warcraft works fine in my intel 915 laptop
    Those games also worked out very well:
    -F.E.A.R, F.E.A.R: Extarction point and F.E.A.R: Combat (really smooth with a descent quality)
    – Flatout (max graphics)
    – Flatout2 (a very good game, reminds me of burnout,amazingly beautiful)
    – C&C generals and zero hour
    – All the W40k Dawn of war games
    – All the Prince of persia games (no ned to 3D analyzer)
    – Dreamfall: The longest journey
    – All the Myst series (Myst V so far)
    – All the trackmania games
    – All the GTA games (including GTA 1 and 2 ^^)
    – Tron 2.0
    – Tribes vengence
    – Splinter cell and SC: Pandora tomorrow (don’t have guts to try chaos theory, Double agent doesn’t work for sure)
    – Metal gear solid (MGS 2 should work after being updated to 1.2)
    – Battle field 1942 an BF:Vietnam (BF2 is very laggy, BF 2142 doesn’t work at all)
    – C&C 3: tiberium wars
    – Tomb raider legend and Anniversary
    – Fable: The lost chapters (works fine)
    – Aquanox 2
    – Freelancer
    – Mechworrior 4: Mercenaries
    – Halo (i’m also wandering if halo 2 will work with the XP patch)

  76. Intel 945 graphics card “supports” pixelshader 3…
    …like intel 915 “supports” pixelshader 2

    Sure, it will run some games that uses pixelshader 3
    But the majority that require pixelshaders 3 as minimum will refuse to run.
    The reason that i915 can’t run Aero is that it’s emulate pixelshaders 2 and can really run only 1.4

  77. xpl55,

    how did you manage to get bf2 running?

  78. on the game compatibility list on intel,its syas you can run need for speed nost wanted,yet when i run and open the file,the game plays very slow at some points with some bad framerate even at the lowest settings possible and sometimes after loading stops responding.why is this?intel 945gm,2gb ram,1.9ghz dual core

  79. Well, like i said, BF2 is so laggy tht is practically unplayable (5-12 fps!)

    For NFS most wanred ypu need to update it to be able to run it proprely.

    And don’t foget to always get the latest graphics driver and DirctX updates. 😉

  80. thx,yet im sorry to tell you that i have the latest graphics driver update and directx 10 and also the latest patch for the says on the intel website for the game compatibility list that you can play nfsmw,so how come it stops respondin.i have now noticed that when you load ur game in grand theft san andreas it also happens,any other suggestions??

  81. oh yeah,one more thing sorry,this also happens with delta force black hawk down,after it loads it stops responding,thx.why??

  82. Xpl55,

    I know you said it has terrible fps, but I can’t even get the game to start. Did you use 3d analyze or a certain setting in the driver. Because if it’s playable then some newer games might also be playable.

  83. @xpl55
    hav u tried mgs2 cos its definitely works but at menu screen u can hear only sounds and no visuals
    tried everything(imean everything)..common problem for vista also…
    i got marvel ultimate alliance working …perfectly smooth fps and fine with all full screen fx

  84. can someone help me,please read my posts above.why does that happen?

  85. i have a hp pavillion dv4000 with mobile(R) 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express chip family.
    im looking to start up WOW and was wondering if the expansion packs have any extra effect on the laptops preformance, either with lagg in game or the system messing up or fan problems?

  86. is any1 gonna help me,no??i realised this happens also now after loading in medal of honour allied assault,thx,any suggestions,is this a driver problem??

  87. john,

    Try updating the driver or patching the game. That’s all you can do really.

  88. thx,yet others have said they can play it at the top of the forum withvery wellsettings etc,i have updated the game and driver,no luck.

  89. TOCA Race Driver 2 (few problems)(need to low Special effects)
    TOCA Race Driver 3 (no crashing,but on high it works a bit slow)(great graphs btw)
    Halo Combat Evolved
    Sims 2 (with all expansions)
    All MMORPG’s(Lineage,RF Online,Rose Online etc)

    Mostly the ones that dont require more than 1.6pixel shading,those that require 2.0 not all (Exemple Halo 2 Vista)
    Anyways im happy with the Graphic Card,its not bad taking in fact that my laptop wasnt so expensive.Besides i knew that a laptop isnt a real Gaming Machine XD,and wont be just like a desktop one for the few 2 or more years ahead.

    Cheers. Alex

  90. thats on the 915GM btw.

  91. more games that work on 945gm:

    -star wars battlefront 2
    -star wars Kotor1 & 2 (2 needs to be updated)
    -star wars republic commando (great game, try it)
    -star wars empire at war

  92. Splinter cell: Pandora tomorrow does it work with 915

  93. 945 intel working game:
    _ gun (works smoothly) nice game by the way.

    guyssssss anyone tried bioshock? does it work on 945.

  94. Does anyone know if call of duty 4 works? I know it’s brand new, but I’m hoping intel’s drivers might actually do what they say and work. I downloading the demo now to try it my self.

    I also tried unreal tournament 3 Beta 2 Demo, it crashes at the splash screen and doesn’t allow you to modify the exe. so I couldn’t use 3danalyze. Maybe someone might find a way to bypass the check later on.

  95. Does Team Fortress 2 work with 945GM? And if so do you need any kind of setup in order for it to run?

  96. Thanks for the help Kah! I’ll have to try HL2 with the autocrash fix. Also, I’m trying the update on F.E.A.R. right now to see if that will fix the crash I am getting there. There are certain points in the game where it kicks me out and I get a d3d9.dll error. So we’ll see if the update fixes it. This is a great blog to help those of us with lame video cards (laptops) find games to play.

  97. I tried the demo of “Loki : Age of mythology” , and surprising it works despite the demanding system requirement.So i guess if the demo runs fine the full game should not be a problem as well.By the way , does anyone knows the following games would work on 945gm?

    i)Tom Clancy : Rainbow six vegas
    ii)Jade empire
    iii)Call of duty 4 ?
    iv)Spata: Ancient war

  98. nope,call of duty 4 won’t work on 945gm.for the others,i’m not sure.but looking at those games’ requirements,i doubt that they’ll work.

  99. To Jhon

    Maybe your problem comes from DirectX 10,
    for information, i915 isn’t even a DirectX 8.1 graphics card so you just have to stick with DirextX 9.0c.

    To kah,

    I never used 3D analyze on my i915 for any of the games i’ve listed above.

    To yasharth

    The MGS 2 bug is a known issue even with ATI radeon 9xxx cards, for the ATI ones, a special update is available to fix it, i wonder if it wil work for the intel ones… Try it ^^

    For Bioshok, COD 4 an UT 3, there is no way those games or any similar games to have a chance to work on i915 or even i 945, because they use either Hardware pixel shader 3 (Full DirectX 9.0c) or The unified pixel shader platform (DirectX 10!!!).

  100. Does anybody know if HL2 Episode 2 work with the Intel 950GMA? I would really like to play this game.

    Please can somebody help

  101. HL2 Ep.2 doesnt work on my intel 910GL, it crashes immediatly after moving or interaction with any in-game objects.

  102. same here, I used a patch on the engine.dll.

    The commands I am using are
    hl2.exe -game ep2 -dxlevel 80 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1

    Goes in to game but like you said it crashes on movement.
    I hope somebody can figure a way of running it

  103. Hi feris,

    try this patch and see if it let you get any further

  104. I have good and bad news, The good is I just tried the timeshift demo on a 945gm… Annddd its works!!! but the bad news is that I had to use 3d-analyze and It’s laggy on the lowest settings like quake 4, but it still shows that their is still hope for these little video card emulators.

  105. anybody had any luck with getting HL2 Episode 2 to work properly?

  106. Does anyone know if LOKI: Age of mythology works on intel 915GM/GMS also if world of warcraft runs on this video card.

  107. feris, did ep2 start for you without patching the engine.dll?

    or did you use 3danalyzer?

  108. kah, can you tell me what settings you used in 3Danalyzer to get the demo working? and also are they the default settings you use for all games?

  109. to run the timeshift demo with 3danalyze I just used:
    -force SW TnL
    -emulate HW TnL

    you should play around with it to increase the crappy framerates.

  110. cheers mate, any luck with HL2 Episode 2? has anybody had any luck with this game?

  111. Just like to let people know that HL2-EP1 works using dx7 mode if you get the patch from a few posts up, but the only problem is that the water is all white. anybody have any ideas how this can be fixed?

  112. how does lord of the rings return of the king work please help!!!

  113. for ROTK to work,download the latest patch.

  114. anybody tried to get HL2-Ep2 working

  115. can’t seem to get the timeshift demo working, I have selected the exe, then in 3danalyzer I selected sw HL and HW tl, when I press run nothing happens.

    any ideas how to fix it?

  116. Call of duty 4 dosent work on 945gm i just tried the demo
    battlefield 2 didnt work for me

    americas army 2.8.2 works good

    world in conflict works good too

    lineage 2 works good too

    ghost recon xD works good even with vista :O

  117. I have a 945GM chipset on a dell laptop and i wanted to buy the Orange Box. Will all of the games work? I really want to play TF2. Thanks guys, its good to have people helping each other out.

  118. please can somebody help with getting portal and episode 2 working

  119. kah, can you give any advice how to get the time shift demo to work?
    also have you tried hl2-ep2 to see if it works?

  120. I don’t know what’s the problem with Timeshift. I’m using windows xp, an intel core duo, and 1gb of ram. The version of 3danalyze is v2.36b.

  121. can you post a link to that version

  122. so all I have to do is run 3Danalyzer, select timeshift.exe, check force SW TnL & -emulate HW TnL, and then press Run and the game should work?

    All I get is the screen flashes a window and then it disappears.

    Please can you help.

    Also Kah have you tried HL2-EP2, Portal or TF2?

  123. another game which I would like to know works, have anybody trying stubbs the zombie?

  124. i gt a problem running nba live 08 on my laptop with intel gma 950 graphics, it automatically stop after u play it for almost 5 minutes,, i hv a core 2 duo processor and 1500mb ram with vista home premuim o.s, pls help me fix it,,

  125. There’s a link posted by SamiFox already, a little after the beginning of this forum.
    Post your specs. I can get around 30fps and it dips fairly often, but then again my computer isn’t a powerhouse and emulating takes its fair toll. Also try closing out of your antivirus and extra stuff that shows on the desktop like yahoo widgets. If it still doesn’t work try reinstalling 3danalyze.

  126. Sorry, here’s the link to make things easier.

  127. so you can play episode 2 kah? or was you refering to timeshift?

  128. Does PES 2008 work on 915?
    n wat bout tiberium wars n hitman 3?

  129. Timeshift, I don’t know about Episode 2, I’m just sitting back and waiting for a patch before I buy it.

  130. does nba 2008 really works on intel 950 graphics ?

  131. “BF2 is very laggy” nice. how to start the game? demo does not set up on my 915gm. I need support. Basic ware: 256 (minus 1-2 Megs of course) MB RAM XD

    re: Bloodrayne 2 wont work. X3 start up by 3dA and soooo unplayable laggy and shaders are dark (surface of ships, docks etc). You haven’t mentioned, RS Lockdown works by 3dA, smoothly. Intel havent updated the driver since January… the BIG support!! I have got this acer for a year and Intel already feels if this would be a crappy “GPU” LOL

    Also Medal of Honor Pacific Assault works on uber low details, with “hardware shader 1.1” on settings. There’re some performance fps-tweaks to the console, but I haven’t tried out.

    I have read that I could find a PCI-E x16 mounting possibility under the deck, but some necessary things (not the 915GM) on the motherboard could cancel the upgrading if you choose a big-colling-GPU.. so how to shake off this 915? I’m sooooo courious XD


  132. Hey gamers and friends ! I Just checked the Demo of “Hellgate:London” and it works even at normal graphic settings without using any tweaks.Btw,i am using a intel945gm .Cheers !!! see ya guys in “LONDON” …

  133. anaybody here hd played nba live 2008 on intel gma graphics with windows vista operating system? does it work softly? i got a problem running it,, and the error display is appcrash,, anybody hr knows how to fix it,, pls help me,, e mail me at,,, ill be glad to hr any comments from you guys,,, tnx a lot,,,,,

  134. Comment Removed (bala) – Please keep your comments related to the post topic.

  135. is there anybody here that has tried HL2-EP2 & portal and got them to work fully? I have an intel 950GMA, 2GB RAM, 2.0 Intel Core2Duo.

    Please can somebody help

  136. I can play NBA 08 normaly with my 915 but i use xp 🙂

  137. has anybody had any luck with episode 2 and portal?

  138. ei guys….tried splinter cell chaos theory and it works fine for me….using mobile intel 945gm chipset in my laptop….i just 3d analyze it….anyone of u tried phantasy star universe if it works???….hehe

  139. i’ve a 915gms chipset
    need u guys to help me out please!!!! bala help me!!
    can these games work??
    1) Carbon
    3)Act of War
    4)Hitman 3
    5)Splinter Cell series
    6) BF 2

    thks in advance

  140. Ahh, this is just what I was looking for. A place to tell me how to get my horrible Intel 950GMA to work for the better games.

    I’ve been trying to get Portal to work. I don’t know anything about any of these wierd techniques talked about here, but I do know that Portal CAN work on this graphics card. At one point, the game glitched up in such a way that all the walls and glass turned blindingly white, but at the same time the game ran just as good as Half-Life 2 does, that is to say really choppy but playable. Played around with the portal gun and everything. Haven’t been able to duplicate it, though. Don’t know WHAT happened.

  141. is there anybody here that has got portal and Episode 2 working?

  142. Heroes might n magic 5 worked for me with my problems at all. but i dunno bout 910gml DNASS

  143. kieran, have you tried portal and episode 2?

  144. This is so aggravating. I read that one guy with an Intel 950 GMA got almost all the way through Portal by plugging in:
    -dxlevel 80 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1 +mat_softwarelighting 1 +mat_max_worldmesh_verticies 1024 +mat_reducefillrate 1 +r_portal_stencil_depth 2
    And then while in-game, using the console, putting in “mat_dxlevel 60”
    The thing is, he has almost the exact same hardware that I do, but when I try to do this, it blue screens at the drop of a hat.

  145. Have you tried episode 2? does that work with the settings?

  146. where did you see the post that the guy did this?

  147. latest addition to the game list is wont lag even in the highest settings.WUHOOO!!!

  148. what about pro evolution soccer 2008 with Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family cause i had some troubles….

  149. ZDeath,

    The command line you said worked, I missed of “+mat_dxlevel 60” but it worked. the only problem is that I was near the end of the first level and got the blue screen of death and then the system rebooted.

    Any other way it will work?

  150. @ NSCXP2005

    Have you tried “+mat_softwarelighting 1 -heapsize 128000”
    Didn’t work for me, so…
    Ok. The main problem with Portal is that it requires the graphics card to do some stuff on HARDWARE that our graphics card can only do in SOFTWARE, some DirectX 8 stuff. So, the solution some people had was to set “-console” as one of the launch options, launch the game, type in “mat_dxlevel 60” or “mat_dxlevel 70” and press enter, then press ~, and start a new game.

    The following is a bunch of launch options that people have had varrying levels of success with, play around with them and you’ll probably find a combination that works for the most part.

    +mat_softwarelighting 1 -heapsize 128000 -dxlevel 80 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 -sw +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1 + r_rootlod 2 +mat_picmip 2 +mat_reducefillrate 1 +r_waterforceexpensive 0 +r_waterforcereflectentities 0 +r_shadowrendertotexture 0 +AntiAliasing 0 +mat_antialias 0 +mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware 0 +mat_max_worldmesh_verticies 1024 +r_portal_stencil_depth 2

  151. I don’t know what some of those commands DO, really, though. Some of them are probably useless, or worse, conflicting. Oh, and forget about the -sw command, I meant to write “-window” instead.

  152. hmm lemme:
    flatout2 (works fine )
    bf2(not working :/)
    portal (can play only escape01,02 or custom maps)
    mohpa(works fine)
    hl2(a bit laggy)
    red orchestra ostfront 41-45(works fine)
    indigo prophecy (fav game , works with no probs)

  153. Does anyone know, how to set intel 915 Gm Craphic 128 up 224 mb?

  154. the heapsize 128000, is that if your system memory is 256? I have 2GB, what would be the heapsize then

  155. My system is 1GB ram and 128 mb graphic..i heard that it can set up to 224..??

  156. I wonder how you can do that. I have 2GB RAM and 128 Graphics

  157. dont know..heard that can be do in bios..

  158. Games that work fine out of the box and look damn good too (using Vista, 2GB Ram):

    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
    FIFA 08
    Anno 1701
    Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire
    Thief – Deadly Shadows

    With 3D Analyze:
    Close Combat – First to Fight (force SW TnL, emulate HW TnL caps)

  159. stealthant,

    How does Close Combat play, The graphics and the lighting effect looks good, but can it handle it on med to high with one 1 gig? I’m thinking about buying or maybe just the demo…

  160. has anybody still got portal and episode 2 working without crashing?

  161. does anybody know if red ocean works on the 950gma?

  162. anybody know if lost planet will work?

  163. I know for sure Lost Planet won’t work, the minimum requirements are way too high.

  164. ok. anybody found a solution to portal and episode 2?
    Kah have you tried them games?

  165. hi,does anybody know wether Ghost recon advanced warfighter works,the first one?,thx

  166. have tried the ghost recon advanced warfighter, but it didnt work on my 915

  167. ZDeath,

    found any solution to portal and episode 2?

  168. NSCXP2005, why don’t you try finding out the solution, too?

    Read THIS:

  169. does anyone know if lost planet work for a 945gm chipset??…coz i thnk it supports pixel shader 3.0, anyone having a 945gm tried lost planet to work??? plzzz nid help

  170. one thing mon, the 945gm only has it in software, not hardware.

  171. Hi

    i just saw this, anyone have any idea how to get Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast to run on 915GM?

  172. hiiroki, have you tried portal and episode 2?

  173. Hi ZDeath, any luck with Episode 2 and Portal?

  174. Hey y’all. I know this is not exactly on the current topic, but it seems I could use some help, and this seems to be the place to get it properly after browsing on the internet for about 30 minutes with no results.

    A guy mentioned LOTR: Return of the King in this thread before, but the reply he got (patch it) isn’t right for that game, since there is no patch to apply to it (there is for Return of the WITCH King, which is probably what he meant).

    But does anyone know how to get LOTR: Return of the King working? The card does support Direct3D doesn’t it, or am I completely on the wrong track here? Anyway, thanks in advance.

  175. argh…sorry,my bad.actually, to make rotk works,

    1. Download the modified ROTK.ini file (

    2. Copy it into the \LOTR The Return of the King™ Data folder.

    3. Run the game.

  176. To make Return of the king work

    open notepad type the following two lines


    save as LOTR.ini in My documents\LOTR The Return of the King™ Data folder

    run the game it works

  177. besides I also have 915 gv (GMA 900)
    when i run san andreas it works perfectly for some time the it restarts my computer .
    any suggestions ??
    please reply as I like the game a lot

  178. besides I also have 915 gv (GMA 900)
    when i run san andreas it works perfectly for some time then it restarts my computer .
    any suggestions ??
    please reply as I like the game a lot

  179. Ak, do you have portal or episode 2

  180. Dear ALL,

    I need help especially from you KAH I just bought new lap top with intel 965 graphics chip and 1 gb ram ,when I tried to play WORLD IN CONFLICT the intro was succesful but as it goes to the menu the laptop restarts automatically every time

    I don’t know what is the reason but i think that i have the minimum requirements ,haven’t i?

  181. have you tried running the game through 3D analyzer?
    also in 3D analyzer once you have selected the exe don’t forget the make sure you check “force sw” and “force hw TL”.

    try that out to see i it gets further.


  182. Help please, people, am frustrated like hell.
    While running 3-D Analyze with the Vampire Bloodlines game getting the following error:

    “error while injecting dll into target process”


    am about to cry. wanna see a girl crying? 😦

  183. thank you NCXP2005

    you can call me hesitated but i’m fear of trying using 3d analyzer as it may cause some harm to my hardware as i expect

    but can i find some different solution to my problem

  184. another problem with THEATRE OF WAR game

    the game is not working can any one give me an advice

  185. DK,

    Try re-downloading 3d-analyze and extract it again. I think I had that same problem. If that doesn’t work then it is a problem conflicting with the game’s security.


    First, 3d-analyze will have no effect on your hardware. All it does is emulate things. If your computer can’t emulate(make the processor do all the work) it, Then it won’t work.
    Second, I don’t think 3d-analyze will fix your problem because I can run World in Conflict on my 945GM without anything, still try it to make sure. It’s more likely an installation problem or conflict with another program. Try reinstalling the game and turning off your anti-virus, or programs running on your desktop such as yahoo widgets, IM’s, etc.

  186. kah, have you had any luck with portal and episode 2, sorry to keep asking. I have tried but no luck. Please can you help us all play these games.

  187. Sorry NSCX92005,

    I can’t do anything. I don’t actually own the game, my friend has it. And I can’t take it from him. The only thing I can do is suggest this website like ZDeath posted:

  188. ZDeath have you had any luck with getting the games working properly?

  189. PES 2008 and FIFA 08 works great on 915gms..
    Portal n epsiode 2 im not too sure..cos those games suck!ehheh

  190. 3D analyser spoilts ur pc/laptops in the long run…it really make sure u use it wisely..

    BUT it is a great software in a short term…

  191. wow….i’m speechless… let me just write this…
    3d analyzer just forces the games to use TnL in Software mode instead of Hardware mode.
    The Intel Chip is capable of using TnL but just in Software Mode and since most games only start up after checking for Hardware TnL this little tool is modifying the game exe to use Software TnL….
    So in the long term (use it for +4 years now) no explosions or damages to the Hardware

    games that work fine:
    Sin – Episode 1 Emergence

    with 3D analyzer:
    Painkiller overdose

  192. Hi!! Could anybody help me here, do you guys know if Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault works with a laptop Intel 915? Because as far as I know, Allied assault works with it… It’s frustrating that you cannot find a lot of games that work with this piece of junk!! Thanks in advance..

  193. guys I really appreciate your efforts but let me ask for the last time what really happened with me in the game WORLD IN CONFLICT is that the intro was played then when the game was about to display the main menu a sudden blue screen appeared and disappeared in a flicker and the laptop restarted and when it repoot it shows a technical report says that there was a dump in ram

    so i need an explanation for that and by the way the laptop is new DELL INSPIRON 1520 it has been with me for just 3 weeks

  194. @Sam:
    just try 2 read all the comments and u find a lot of games that work fine with intel gma btw scroll up an read Sonny Jim’s comment or try the demo.
    Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML – Compatible games is the topic. You would be better off at a notebook community or Dell support itself.

    Area 51 works fine out of the box
    The Witcher works fine with 3d Analyzer.

  195. 2 stealthant,

    really?? the witcher works fine with 3d analyzer?? alryt! so its playable!….wats ur chipset…mobile intel 915gm or 945gm?…

  196. i was just a little confused about 3d analyze comments dis past few days….uhm does 3d analyze has some effects or side effects on ur pc if ur using it???? wat will it do to ur pc??? sori…i was really confused…please help.

  197. Well,in my point of view,i dont really think that using 3d Analyze would do any harm to your computer,what it does was just to let the CPU handles all the T&L processing or doing things that your GPU cant do.Nonetheless,whether it does harm or not,its really a great tool for those who are desperate to play good games on integrated graphic cards.Its maybe more appropriate to say “use it at your own risk” .
    I hope more of you guys out there would share your opinion on using 3d analyze.

  198. dante, have you tried portal and episode 2?

  199. does anybody know if stubbs the zombie will work with or without 3d analyzer?

  200. Sorry for the double post, but if anyone is in a cherish mood. It would be nice if someone could collect all the games listed and created one unified list. I would do it now, but I have a lot of work to do. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend.

    Thanks in Advance,

  201. I have a fix (sort of) for Portal and Team Fortress 2. I’ve posted in on the STEAM forums:

  202. well guys. the reason i post that command was i felt the software was great n tried it on a few games…
    now, my laptop alwiz hangs, n the error screen pops up everytime after using the 3d analyser. and even when i wanna shut down, it says …
    ”The programme 3d analyser was set the processor into idle mode. Source of the error is WbJHUI220099-2144-2333. Do proceed to uninstall the programme for future use of other applications”

    im jus warning u guys…jus a friendly warning bros…


  203. Guys plz let me know if NBA 08 will work on the 910GL Express Chipset…plz ASAP….

  204. Hey everyone. I really enjoy your forum its helped me alot. So I have a question ..can Matrix path of neo run on an intel 945 gm?
    ive tried 3d analyzer and i only hear the sounds of the game and a white screen. yeah so…everything I believe is great to play that game,maybe jsut not the intel?

    anyway the games ive been able to run is a little list but maybe it’ll help people =)
    resident evil 4: no 3d analyzer needed
    Doom 3 : Def 3d analyzer needed,but when using it runs fine
    Gta 3,Vice City,San Andreas:All good
    The Godfather: Flawless
    All prince of persias :work awesome
    King Kong: 3d analyzer needed
    Halo:works fine
    Gun:Works great
    Far Cry:Works great with 3d analyzer but need to tweak with the 3d analyzer settings
    Nfs Mw: Awesome no problems
    Mafia:3d analyzer needed for some reason
    Half Life: Runs fine
    Midnight Club 2: yes there is a pc version of it and its great
    True Crime Steets of L.a:Kind of worked some parts really froze
    Enter the Matrix:3d analyzer needed
    F.E.A.R:Runs great no 3d analyzer
    The Battle for MIddle Earth:Great no analyzer needed
    Age of Empires 3:Works fine as well
    Clive Barker’s Undying:Works great
    AVP2:Worked great
    Onimusha 3:Worked great
    Swat 4: Worked fine
    Just Cause: Some lagging with 3d analyzer

    Ok well thats it for now. and if anyone can answer the question above much appreciated =)

  205. Thanks, ajay42.
    “-dxlevel 90 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 -autoconfig” brought it right back to that glitched state that I couldn’t figure out how to replicate, and the game FINALLY runs smooth-ish again.
    I don’t even care about the blindingly white walls. It works.

  206. could somebody here make a definitive list of all games that work with or without 3d analyzer, also for one that need analyzer would it be possible to add the settings needed.

    Thank to everybody

    Does anybody know if COD2 works? or is it possible to run it

  207. hi,how do most of you get need for speed most wanted to work well,mine runs glitchy at some moments and sometimes crashes at lowest settings,so how did you make it work?did u use 3d analyzer?thx

  208. stk393 Far Cry doesnt need 3d analyzer just download the new patches there are and it will fix the water,ground and few more errors. ^^at least thats what happened to me.

  209. ZDeath,

    does “-dxlevel 90 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 -autoconfig” work 100%? also what release have you been using with the command line?

    Also will that work with Episode 2?

  210. NSCXP2005, I’ve beaten the game twice already. Some puzzles are more difficult than they should be, because you can’t tell where you should put your portal due to the blinding whiteness of a lot of the surfaces, and the game slows down sometimes, but that’s it.

    Instead of asking me, though, just plug it in and try it yourself.

  211. The reason I am asking what release you are using is so I can get a working copy. Is it the Steam version or the unleashed version?

  212. does anyone have been able to play NFS carbon with intel card

  213. nfs carbon works ,but sometimes crashes to desktop during gameplay

  214. o ….well…i didnt do a patch thing ahaha. still though it worked with 3d analyzer greatly well. so…does anyone know if path of neo can work on a intel 945 gm?

  215. does anyone tried gears of war or cod4 if it works on a intel 945gm, the witcher works fine with 3d analyze….i hope one of those 2 would

  216. could someone give me a quick tutorial on how to use 3d Analyze? I downloaded it when I first started trying to get the Orange Box games to run but found that i a.) could not really figure out how to use it and b.) it seemed incompatible with the Orange Box games…

  217. hey ajay..ill help u. so …for startes b4 u start 3d anyalyzer make sure u run it by right clicking it and clicking run as administrator in xp thats in the 3d analyzers properties.

    so…once u do thatt run 3d analyzer then ull see that big RUN button. click it browse threw ur folders for the orange box exe.
    once u do that and u clicked it ur exe look to the top right corner ull see hardware as a header..there will be emty boxes that say like emulate direct x this and emulate that.

    so click all those boxes but dont click the empty boxes that are below that are about VOODOo and all that DONT TOUCH THEM

    so after u did that..then look to the middle. ull see 2 empty boxes . ull see next to those boxes numbers labelled as id and such for NVIDIA OR ATI. look at the numbers to the right and choose the numbers and type them in the 2 empty boxes.

    once u do that ur good to go..=)

  218. Hello ! does anyone knows whether “Sim City Societies” works using the intel 945gm?

  219. does anybody know if roboblitz work on the 950 GMA? with or without 3DAnalyzer?

  220. Hello everybody! 😉

    Some great info here.

    Some games that I’ve tested:

    Quake 4 – runs fine on the lowest settings. But I didn’t get any pleasure from such a quality. 😉

    Doom 3 – runs ok. Graphics are nice too.

    Half-Life and Half-Life 2 worked fine. HL 2 had problem with autosaving feature. Some info from this site helped to fix that.

    Swat 4 worked great.

    Hitman 2 – worked great as well.

    Rise and Fall – worked fine.

    Age of Empires 2 and 3 worked fine, but AOE 3 worked fine on low settings and it wasn’t that pleasant to play.

    Now, one problem I’ve been having with a great game – F.E.A.R. I’ve noticed that many people played it with no problems, but I’ve been having a problem each time there is a “autosaving/phase transition” moment. Is there a command or a patch that can help to fix that?

    I’d really appreciate any help.

    My configuration: Intel T1350/ 1.86 GHz, 1.512 Mb RAM, 128 Mb Video.

  221. Alrighty…just tried these two games…

    Company Of Heroes works fine with intel 945gm(must decrease the shader to low to improve performance)
    World in conflict works in both 945gm/915gm (must decrease graphic settings)

  222. the physical one uses gcf files aswell I think

  223. are GCF files then incompatible with 3d Analyze or require a different method? again, pardon my ignorance about this program, id love to get it working properly.

  224. I have the same problem with ep 2 and portal…

    ep 2: memry cant read…
    portal: crashes at random event

    both unleashed version, i dont want them to buy. I have full original half life games but i wont pay for these until doesnt work properly…if they release a patch i will buy OB…
    anny solution for these games? gma 945 here 1,6duo centrino and a gig of ram…i live in a college so any solution will good for me.. 😀 plz

  225. hey feki,
    here is my fix for Portal and TF2… May work for Ep. 2 as well, although I havent tried yet. I was trying to find out about 3d analyze to see if I could push the little chip that couldn’t just a little further.

  226. Great Work!
    Keep it up

    On desktop intel 900 gma these games doesn’t work
    Pro Street

    These games works fine
    Global Conflict

  227. As of now… no… hence, my interest in 3d Analyze since the problem is almost certainly a lighting one. Interestingly TF2 has the same overexposure effect but to a much lesser extent and is very playable and enjoyable.

  228. Ajay! Is this only for Portal and Tf 2? Or the portal soultion works for Ep 2 too? I have this exact problem:
    The instruction “2×4#####” referenced at “2x0b#####” could not be read

  229. ayaj, i tried your solution but doesnt work. I made a start.bat with these:
    hl2.exe -game ep2 -dxlevel 90 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 -window -autoconfig
    (if i change the icons properties it does nothing, no window etc…) i have unleashed version of these. Plz could u send me your config file?
    I want to play with these shit!

  230. Hmm, this is latest the video drivers for this GMA945 “graphic” card?
    Ihave Fujitsu Siemens laptop so i use drivers that i found at the FJ site. Ive tried same on intel, but these two are the same. So maybe there is my problem why i cant get HL ep2 to run 😦 Ive tried everithyng)
    Bios version:1301
    driver version:

  231. Feki,

    As I stated before, I have not tried episode 2 yet. Also, I’m not sure why you are creating those batch files instead of using the launch options in steam as i instructed there. (Also, you did make sure your system is fully updated, anti-virus isn’t conflicting and all that jazz, right?)

  232. Hi my laptop is running on Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (Intel(R) GMA 950)

    I would like to check how I can get the following games to work on my system since the card doesnt support hardware T&L
    – Command & Conquer Generals
    – Sim City 4
    – Blitzkrieg 2
    – Panzer Phase one

    Is it possible to use 3D analyze to run them?

  233. “Command & Conquer Generals” and “Sim City 4” works fine for intel 945gm without using the 3D analyze.As for the other two games you have mentioned,i am really not sure about it.Hope someone can help you.

  234. Thanks Dante,treid running both titles but either crashed or very slow, heard that T&L is needed nevertheless how do i configure the 3D analyze software? Thanks

  235. That’s strange…played that two games before using intel 945gm ,“Command & Conquer Generals” and “Sim City 4″,but never have a problem.Well,if you have to use 3D analyze to get this two running ,i would suggest u check the “sw T&L” box. All the best!!!

  236. hi,Does anybody know if graw 2 works?Is it possible to use 3D analyze to run them?

  237. Generals run on gma945 iv tried, works with 20-30 fps, low graphic.

    Ayaj i have unleashed version of Ep 2 and portal, i wont buy them if they wont work correct..
    my bios version is 1331 and my driver is
    These are the latest drivers for this “graphic card”?

  238. Thanks, this site helped me a lot.So i created list of mine to coperate your work.
    I have Intel 915 GAV board running intel 900 gma with 512 RAM and Intel LGA 775 2.677 GHz

    These games works fine on intel 900 gma (915GAV),
    Transformers – The Game (little bit laggy with highest settings)
    Pray (little bit laggy with highest settings)
    Call Of Duty
    Splinter Cell
    NFS Most Wanted (Plays Well, But Even Better With 3d Analyzer – You Can Get the “Visual Treatment” and “Overbright” options – Vendor ID 4098/Device ID 20812/HTnL)
    Mafia – City Of Lost Heaven
    Project IGI
    IGI – Covert Strike
    Goad Father – The Game
    Cora 3
    Freedom Fighters
    World In Conflict
    Knight Rider 1
    Knight Rider 2
    GTA Vice City
    Half Life
    Half Life 2
    Half Life 2 – Episode One
    Shadow Ops – Red Mercury
    NFS Underground
    NFS Underground 2
    Max Payne – Fall Of Max Payne
    EA Cricket 2007
    Sherlok Holmes – The Awakened
    Total Overdose
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
    Street Racing Syndicate
    Battlefield 1942
    Battlefield Vietnam
    Harry Potter 5
    Boiling Point – Road To Hell (little bit laggy with highest settings)
    Dead To Rise
    Prince Of Persia – The Two Throns
    Marine Heavy Gunner
    SWAT 4
    Cross Racing Championship 2005
    Xpand Rally Extream (With 3d analyzer for TnL)
    La Rush
    Broken Sword
    Myst – The Legend
    Reserviour Dogs
    Brian Lara Cricket 2007 (Works Fine With 3d Analyzer)
    EA Fifa 2006
    Hitman – Contracts
    Delta Force Extream (3d Analyzer – turn on HTnL, In Some levels it still crashes)
    Global Terror
    Solder Of Fortune – Double Heluix

    These games can not be played even with 3d analyzer,

    Devil May Cry 3
    Eragon (Crashes After Loading The First Level,Tried with 3d Analyzer But Failed)
    Pro Street Demo
    Path Of Neo (Asks For Vertex Shaders)
    The Mark (Game loads but only sounds)
    Half Life 2 -Episode Two
    Army Ranger

    Have anyone tried to run carbon,prostreet,COD4,Blazing angles?
    I have tried both carbon and pro street with 3d analyzer but failed.(Hardware ID 4098/Vendor ID 20812/HTnL/Emmulated pixel shaders)
    IF some found a way to run these two games please post it here.

  239. I have also created a list of all games posted here. I hope they may help you

    Bala: Jayamal your comment has been incorporated into the main post.Thanks again buddy.

  240. does anybody knows if bioshock or gears of war works on a 945gm chipset?? ive tried witcher(3d analyze) and blacksite area51 it works fine….how about those 2? will it work even in lowest settings???

  241. To Jayamal:

    Really thanks alot for you effort.I am very sure your contribution to this forum would be greatly appreciated by many.It sure takes you alot of time to come up with such a long list.Thanks(Hey lets give our claps to him!!!).Keep this up guys! Cheers !

  242. Cheers Jayamal,

    I hope your contribution gets posted at the top of the thread, would be very helpful there.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

  243. I have problem to play Flatout2 it error d3d9.dll
    How can I do?

  244. Hi anyone can confirm Gears of War is able to work for 915GM? I’m considering to get it. (I have given up hope on call of duty 4).

    Btw, anyone knows of any first person shooter which you are in a full fledged war, preferably a modern shooter?

  245. hey…guys…
    i’ve downloaded farcry demo…and ran it….
    The display is very crappy…i amn’t able to see nything (ground,water,mercenaries etc)…
    when i used 3danalyze it lags a bit…
    I wanted to know whether some of the patches released for this game improve this display(without 3danalyze) or any frame rate improvement by alternate ways????

    i am on vista businnes….intel 945gm…1GB ram….1.86 Ghz Solo core…..

    plzz help me…

  246. hi guys,i’m replacing my list on the post with the revised and updated list provided by Jayamal (dude your awesome…i’ve been trying to do the same… 😉

  247. edited some of the older comments, boy this page is getting difficult to read.Any solutions/suggestions..??

    How about the following link

  248. guys… i have news for u….
    i had gone upto race selection screen on nfs prostreet…
    but after that system crashes….

  249. Jayamal,

    Thanks so much!!! You’ve helped out ALOT of people.


    One question, how?

  250. Very nice and helpful site! Damn!
    Anyway, Can Splinter Cell Chaos Theory work on Intel 915GM? I see it in the list put 945 is beside it.


  251. anyone who can help me out with Blitzkrieg 2 using 3D analyse? Really wanna play that game.thanks

  252. Well I got Splinter Cell Chaos Theory to run on ma Dell Latitude Laptop with Intel g15 GM on board video card. I just ticked “Force SW TnL” and I also ticked “Emulate Pixel shader caps” in 3D-Analyzer.

    Keep up the good work ppl.


  253. frankly i’ve done nothin special…..
    i just dwnloaded the demo….and started the game…
    after 1 min….the intro video…and then title screen came….
    i was so overjoyed that i listened to the tracks for 10 mins….
    but after that as usual….

  254. will these games work on 945??

    –> Call of Duty 4 (I hope it wont)
    –> Kane and Lynch Dead Men
    –> Gears of War
    –> Stalker
    –> Soldier of Fortune : Payback

  255. to spidey…..yo! stalker works fine, COD4 will not work coz ive tried it even wid 3d analyzer…hve not tried gears of war yet…

  256. uhm….please help, does anyone know if gears of war or bioshock works on intel 945gm???…will it run with 3d analyzer?

  257. People, shouldn’t Call of Duty 2 be able to run on the Intel 915gm with 3D analyzer???


  258. Rainbow six: Lock Down on intel 945..
    jus trick the game using 3danalyzer emulate hw t&l….
    i’ve tried graw also….but it is stubborn than me….
    any info abt gears of war or bioshock or sof:payback??

  259. You are welcome!
    I did only a little. It is really you guys did all the hardwork by posting comments here. So Lets keep this going as this blog helps lot of 900 gma users. I would like to request to mention your chipset (915 0r 945) when posting games as there are some games that works on 945 but not on 915.

    Anyway have anyone tried carbon and prostreet on 915?
    I noticed someone posted that carbon works but crashes sometime. I tried but it gives me only a black screen and then a error message. Then tried with 3d analyzer then it gives me a black screen but no error message. Please help!

  260. Bad news –> Tried the demo of “Unreal Tournamant 3”,and sadly it can’t run at all on my intel 945gm.

  261. anothr bad news…..

    Bioshock wont run on intel 945gm….its conformed….
    i’ve tried myself with the demo and 3danalyzer and also with unoffical shader model 2.0 fix…..
    guess we r hoping for too much….

  262. did you try the force sw TL and force hw TL?

    Just wondering.

    @Dante, have you tried the full game?

  263. Nope,i did’nt try the full game,it was just the demo.And the demo can’t work even with the “force sw TK and hw TL tweak.”

  264. are there any difference between the mobile chipsets and intel 915gag?

  265. Cheers Dante, for the response.


  266. i’ve tried 2 games last night….

    —> Driv3R
    —> Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

    Both ran using 3danalyzer….but the textures are corrupted in such a way that it is literally unplayable….

    any help for this??

  267. Hello.
    The Witcher really runs on 915gml, but damn slowly with the original config (acer 2410, 246 MB RAM at 200Mhz, IntelC M 1,6Ghz). Could you give your spec for the “fine working” notebook configuration? I set up the software T&L and the hardware limit caps and I’ve tweaked the “graphical memory” in BIOS above 64 MB (128Mb or max), so the game’s started, without the last step it’s dead. The FPS is 1-2 fphm (half a minute). I guess the game needs some kinds of 2-3 Gigs RAM. In the 2410 there are two sockets but for the maximum of 2 GB. We’ll get the new patch before Xmas and probably I will upgrade the Acer’s memory. 2GB RAM will be enough?

  268. I’ve 945 gm.
    commandos strike force perfectly
    blazing angels
    air conflicts works perfectly.(without 3d)
    beowulf doesn’t. it requires shader 3.0
    stops the zombie,graw demo, penumbra doesnt.

  269. I am having problems with getting TimeShift Demo to work, here are the settings I used.

  270. Just tested F.E.A.R Purseus Mandate, Works great out of box, even works on medium settings

  271. Here is my list of games what are running good on gma 945: (any question just ask me)
    Hitman 2-3
    Fly For Fun (mmorpg)
    World of Warcraft
    Warcraft 3
    all Fifa
    Battlefield Vietnam and 1942+ exp.
    Half Life 2, Episode One, CS: Source (too crapy)
    Lego Star Wars II (dont try the first)
    Dark Messiah of Might And Magic
    All Quake II-III arena engine games (like CS, CoD)
    Epsxe PS 1 Emulator
    PCsx PS 2 emulator but dont expect good shaders in the games…
    Final Fantasy 7-8
    Baldurs Gate series

  272. Hi guys!Does anyone here knows whether “Warhammer:Mark Of Chaos” works for the intel 945gm?

  273. Hi!
    So there is no way that i could run vampire the masquerade bloodlines on my laptop? Even with 3D analyzer? i just want to be sure, because i,ve been trying to run this for hours…:-/

  274. hello how to run FEAR without crash? Anybody knows a third-party or some better driver for gma 945?

  275. Feki,

    Just patch the game, update even more if it still doesn’t.


    uncheck pixel shader, bump maps, and max xxx(can’t see it) textures. But I warn you the fps are very bad; I mean 35fps max.

  276. thx kah, im trying it now with 1.05 patch (i’ve downloaded two times a wrong version, i have UK ver 😦 )

    My fear crash at script-based senetences (choppers, in game movie etc….) So, its a typical Gma 945 problem?

  277. helloww everybody!nice blog..
    i’ve tried this games on my intel 945gm.

    1.warhammer mark of chaos – can’t run at all,although i use 3d analyzer
    2.alpha prime – runs fine
    3.painkiller – runs using 3d analyzer
    4.project snowblind – the game runs,but very laggy,anybody know how to tweaks it?
    5.quake 4 – runs fine at low settings
    6.shadowgrounds – runs fine using 3d analyzer
    7.splinter cell chaos theory – runs fine using 3d analyzer 2160 – runs fine using 3d analyzer

    anyone who play F.E.A.R 1,and crash in first level,that is because the helicopter.i dont know why,but when you hear the helicopter approaching,don’t look at the helicopter until its gone.the trick works for me in every level with helicopter.until the vault level,when the building shakes and many flashy things came out.then..crash again,this time,i can’t get any solution.
    anyway,i can’t play pandora tommorow with 3d analyzer,always crash with memory could not be written message.anyone knows 3d analyzer settings for pandora?
    i’ve tried deus ex I.W too,but when the loading status in progress,the game crash to desktop,the same with hitman contract crash after intro movie,anyone have the solution?

  278. I’ve tried that kah, but when I press run on 3D analyzer it looks like its doing something but the screen flashes and then goes back to analyzer.

    any other ideas?

  279. Hey guys,just need someone to clear my doubts or perhaps “enlighten” me.I have been wondering about this issue for many days.I don’t understand why games like “Call of duty 2 or 4”, “Rainbow six vegas”,”GRAW” which requires pixel and vertex shader 2.0 can’t runs at all.While games like “Stalker”,”Blacksite Area 51″ ,”The Witcher” or even “World in conflict” which too also requires pixel and vertex shader 2.0 can be played using our integrated graphic.Why?I just dont understand at all. Thanks In Advance.

  280. I was wondering the same, I have seem on message board that COD 2 can be run in DX7 mode, how?

  281. Hi!
    So there is no way that i could run vampire the masquerade bloodlines on my laptop? Even with 3D analyzer? i just want to be sure, because i,ve been trying to run this for hours…:-/

  282. hi,
    how was the performance of stalker on 945gm….
    shud we have to scale down to the lowest….whats the frame rate we get???
    how will be the visuals at lowest settings??
    finally is the game worth playing???

  283. i’ve tried COD 4 demo….
    its giving error “UBYTE4N vertex data not supported on device”…..

    to Dante…

    perhaps this might be the reason why the games like COD4,GRAW wont run on 945….
    the data format they use for vertices isnt supported on intel 945gm architecture…..
    infact when i tried to program a game on Microsoft XNA…i changed the vertex data type from “short” to “int”….and i wasnt able to run it…….
    many fps that wont run on intel 945 belongs to unreal engine 3.0 …..

  284. Nice list.


    I’ve managed to get Vampire: Bloodlines to run using 3danalyze, you need the old version 2.26 and to use all of the “Hardware limits (cap bits)” options, the “skip pixel shader version 1.1” and “skip pixel shader version 1.4” options, to force SW TnL, and to choose both of the Anti-Detect mode options. Hope this helps.

  285. ok i tried running c&c tiberium wars but it says graphics card not supported. i am using 915gm. is there any way to use 3da to tweak it and make it work? thanks

    p.s i used sysreq website and the only hardware lacking on my comp to play this game is the graphics i meet all the other requirements

  286. Soldier Of Fortune : Payback isnt working…..
    it flashes a black screen for a while….and then crashes to desktop…..

    i dont know whether thats due to graphic card or game itself…in forums there are many posts about SOF not working on vista even with 8800GTS….

  287. Hey guys..cheers and thanks to all of you..
    I myself have a toshiba 945GM intel laptop.. here are the games that I have tried and have worked

    Without 3danalyze:
    pop series(except sands of time.. didn’t try it with 3d analyse yet)
    Resident Evil 4(original :))
    COD 1
    Diablo 2
    Deus Ex
    nfs most wanted black edition
    warhammer: dawn of war
    the great escape
    worms 4 mayhem
    indigo prophecy
    pro evolution soccer 6(title screen is black though)
    fifa 07
    gta(all parts)
    Games with 3d analyse
    The Suffering
    X-Men the official game(just check software tnl)

    bloodrayne 2(it just runs with 3d analyze, but the textures are all messed up)
    hitman blood money..again textures messed up
    half life 2: crashes out with an out of memory error.. haven’t tried with 3d analyse yet.
    psychonauts: haven’t tried with 3d analyze yet

  288. Thanks for this awesome list!!!

  289. Hi,

    Anybody tried playing NFS Prostreet with Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset? I had the black screen problem. I’m running XP SP2 with DirectX 9.0. Same happened to the old FF VII.

  290. hi guys can you help me?

    i have intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    but when i run nfs carbon
    error comes out

  291. Hey guys ! “SimCity Societies” is playable on intel 945gm in lowest settting.Enjoy!

  292. @ william..I’ve got the same specs ..(Mobile Intel® 945GM Express)
    hmm not sure about nfs prostreet(Carbon doesn’t work).. but final fantasy VII should work.. its a pretty old game.. I’ll check it out..
    by the way guys.. Call of duty: MW doesn’t work.. even with 3d analyzer(though i haven’t checked it extensively.. just tried to force, or skip pixel shader 2.0)

  293. so will oblivion work for sure with or without the Oldblivion?? im running on 945GM, 1.73GHz, 1GB of ram

    some games i can run are

    Doom 3: high quality and no lag
    quake4: medium quality with lag but playable
    Diablo 2:runs perfect
    Prey: runs very good even on high quality bit of lag but still good
    GTA San Andreas: runs perfectly with everything on full
    UT 2004: FLAWLESS
    Warcraft 3:flawless
    Halo: runs very well
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: runs on low settings

    thanks again for this amazing site

  294. where can I find the newest driver for intel 950 gma? (or 945) and there is nobody who played CoD 2?

  295. FFvii should go on 945! Or use software renderer!
    Try Revolution torrent!

  296. hey guys,
    have you ever tried the “two worlds” game on a 915/910 chipsets??

  297. Just wanted to say thanks everyone for all your input, this is a fantastic blog. I just wanted to add that I am running Hellgate London quite nicely on my 915 with a little lag here and there but definitly worth the experience of this amazing title.
    Also, I noticed you listed Half-Life 2 episode 1 as a title which runs alright. I tried this about a month ago and it crashed on me every time
    I got to the part right after you leave the window at the beginning. In addition Half-Life two the original ran quite poorly so I’m wondering if episode 1 would be any different? Thanks all.

  298. Hello again .I need someone to confirm whether Half Life 2 do really work on the 945gm.I am experiencing crashes and it is unplayable.I also read that some of you experience the same.Since so,can someone help us to get this game working ? Thanks In Advance.

  299. Hi Dante,

    HL2 works great on the 950gma/945.
    use this command line at the end of the hl2.exe

    “-dxlevel81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1”

    And the game will work fine with no crashes at all, this even works for EP1.


  300. I’ve tried guitar hero III with 3d-analyzer.apparently it only works till the game menu,when i start playing, the game exited to windows,huhu….anyone have a solution to this?

  301. I can get Rome total war to run on my 915. The only problem is that I have to play it sideways…

    Does anyone have an idea on how I could flip the screen right side up?

  302. If fps is too low in a game, plz DONT use LAG. Its for net-play (like ping). lag is not your problem.. us other expression plz.

  303. I guess i should have specified earlier that i was actually looking for some one to answer the question as to whether or not anyone has had the same problem with HL 2 episode 1 with the crash at the beginning and if so, are there any solutions?

  304. Psychonauts works very well with a 915.

  305. Hi Everybody…..Thnx for this great site…
    Just to add….I was able to run COH and NBA2008 on 915GML

  306. Thanks NSCXP2005 for the response.

    However,when i enter the command line.The program wont run.I clicked it and a window will popped up and asked me to select a program to run it.I am not sure whether i did the right way.Is is enter the command line right after the shortcut like this “hl2.exe -dxlevel81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1” ? Basically,i just rename it.If no,please give me a detail tutorial…Haha.Thanks again.

  307. Hello, thanks god i found this page, i cant get Splinter Cell Chaos Theory works, even with the 3d analyze v2.36b , it start witha a little screen of sam fisher but then, the whole screen turns black and crash the game….please help me i would be very glad.

    System: Toshiba Satellite a105 series, intel centrino core duo 1.6, intel 945gm chipset, 1gb ram, win xp,

    3d-analyze v2.36b settings: “Force SW TnL” and “emulate pixel shader caps”

    Thanks for the site and sorry about my english.

  308. dante,

    if you go here

    if you look down the thread, you will see a post by somebody called silkyiet3, he mentions how to get it working.

    Hope this helps

  309. has anybody tried to get vampire bloodlines working with the new unofficial 4.4 patch on the intel 950gma?

  310. Now it works…Haha…Thanks Alot NSCXP2005

  311. Bad News…
    Just tried Viva Pinata on my intel 945gm and it cant work.Cant seems to use 3d-analyze on it as well.

  312. @Dante: what exactly did u do to get hl2 to work without crashing?

  313. Hi Zuber,i will explain it in steps
    Firstly,create a shortcut to you hl2.exe

    Secondly,once the shortcut is created,right click it and look for the target box.You will see something like “C:\Program Files\\half-life 2\hl2.exe”.

    Lastly,AT THE END OF the target box add in this command line “-dxlevel81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1″. So it will be something like this “C:\Program Files\\half-life 2\hl2.exe” -dxlevel81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1.

    That’s all.Good luck trying

  314. How you are able to run pandora tomorrow with intel gma 900? Is 3d Analyze required ? What are its settings???

  315. hello,does anyone no good street racing game especially story mode which runs on 915 please post it here. I have played most wanted, SRS LASR. most wanted is the best.

  316. guys , COLD FEAR works on my laptop,but only to the intro video, after the video the game crashes to desktop,i used 3d analyzer (i don’t know the settings ,i just tried somethings)the game worked but the screen keeps flicking. soooo ANYBODY HAVE ANY IDEA, ABOUT how to make it work properly( settings of 3d analyzer) .by the way i have limited refresh rate 60 hz .

  317. does anybody know what to do about the purple and black checkers problem on HL2 episode 1. I’ve tried to play it in Dx level 70 through 90 and still no change, anyone?

  318. try the fix posted by Dante, foru posts up from yours.
    That will fix the problem.

  319. Could everyone help me?
    I have a igm 950 and the original re4 doesn’t work.Maybe the others dont meet the requirements, but they are within the limit 1.6gh 512 ram.There is a message in the box that laptops arent supported.But this is in the Two Thrones and it works greatly

  320. Hi there all i was looking at the post nice work you have been helping us out with the 945gm prob lol any i was just wanting to check will world in Conflict work on a 945gm chipset thanks for your time


  321. hi all it’s me again i tried the cod1 demo and i dont have any lag what so ever so i’m getting it and by thr way world in conflict works o my god i was relly surprised

  322. just cheking BF2 works on my laptop

  323. To add info, manage to get Neverwinter Nights 2 working on an Intel 945GMA, using 3da with T&L emulation. Also STALKER works pretty good if you modify the .ini changing some configuration. Lost it on a reinstall, so I have to check the .ini again.

  324. Helpful page. Stuff working on my 945G is :

    – Perfect
    – Full GFX

    Rome : Total War
    – A little slow
    – medium GFX

    Call of Duty I
    – Perfect
    – Full GFX

    WWE Raw 2007
    – Perfect
    – FUll GFX

    Lego Star Wars
    – Perfect, with 3d analyzer
    – Full GFX

    NFS underground
    – Perfect
    – Medium GFX

    Hitman 2
    – Perfect
    – Full GFX

    Evil Dead
    – Perfect
    – Full gfx

    Guilty Gear X2 : Reload
    – Perfect
    – Full GFX

    Transformers : the game
    – Perfect
    – Medium GFX, slow but playable on full GFX

    LOTR : Return of the king
    – Perfect
    – Medium gfx


  325. PS : To run Lego star Wars I on 945G, turn on :
    Harware Tnl
    Pixel shader caps
    bump map caps
    max. sim textures
    and max pixel shader 1.1 on 3d analyzer.

    With 512 mb ram, it works flawlessly.

  326. thanks for that huperduh i got call of duty today its brill i put everything on high graphics no lag what so eva thanks again.

    Kind regards

    P.S keep up the good work bala!!!!!

  327. does anybody know if shadowgrounds survivor works on the 950GMA?

  328. hello i can’t play settlers 6 with gma 950 in laptop, i use vista home premium and 1gb ram, it’s says my video memory only 62 mb while minimum video memory required 70mb

  329. Hello there !
    I have the following games tried and tested on my GMA 950-

    NFS MW, 800X600, Low settings (Even older NFS versions will work)

    Doom 3 & Quake 4 (YES !) 640X480, Low settings

    Call of duty 1 , 1024X 768 or 1280 X 800 (Widescreen) High settings with AF Looks good !! amazing gameplay

    Chaser 1280 X 800, High settings , AF, Looks nice at 40+ Fps

    Star wars republic commando ! 800X600 – Medium settings, highly recommended and playable

    TM nations , Sunrise, Mag , and extreme- all playable at 1280X800 med settinhs, Looks great too!

    Unreal tournament 2003 & 2004 – High settings with AF, Nicely playable 1024X768 or 1280X800

    Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 2 therw up an error,
    Quake wars-ET did’nt work either.

    Let me add that this was a Small lappy as follows-
    Intel 945P chipset with GMA 950
    Celeron 1.73, 533 fsb, socket 479M
    15.4 in 1280X800 Widescreen ! (Wow!)
    1 G (512X2) DDR2 667Mhz RAM in Dual channel
    Upto 244MB allocated for GFX 950
    Full intregrated numeric Keyboard, Wifi, Blutooth
    Win XP & Widgets + Antivirus in background

    Feel free to contact- VGT3 (AT) rediffmail (DOT) Com

  330. Some updates…
    NHL 2008 – works fine with minimum graphics. I haven’t tried it at max perf., though the games stinks, IMO, so don’t buy it! LoL
    Commanche Gold – Installed while bored a few weeks ago and works just fine. Play an hour+ and no problems.

  331. List of games working:

    Hellgate londont (rlly nice game)
    Timeshift with 3d analyzer
    Black and white 2
    Black and white ( is not working on vista)
    Alpha prime
    Fear ( if game crashes install the all patches i got the link for all the patches in 1 i had the crashes with helicopters and… i inestlled the patch and there is no crash 🙂 )
    Fear extraction pint
    Fear presure mendate
    Half life 1
    Made man (nice game :))
    dark messiah
    all dawn of war games
    doom 3 (laggy)

    Games that dont work:
    Arma:armed assault
    armed and dangerous
    Lost planet

  332. Those who made The Witcher work on a 945/950 Express Chipset Family, how did you do? I’m checking @ 3dAnalizer to emule T&L, but when I choose new game and starts loading, it freeze. Any tip?

  333. Actually it runs, but its incredibly slow. Any Tips to run it “fine”?

  334. I’m also working on getting witcher to run w/ the 945 and 3d analyze. Problem is I keep getting “warning! minimum system requirements not met!” when I hit run. I fit all the other requirements, its just the card. Thanks if anyone can point me in the right direction here.

  335. I do activate HW T&L caps and i get no warning about system req. The prob is that game goes extremely slowly

  336. To GMAER

    Hello,how do you get timeshift to work on the intel 945gm ? It seems that you used the 3D analyze but what settings do u used ? checking the force t&l box and … ? Thanks in advance.

    For those trying to run “the witcher” in 945gm.All you have to do is use the 3D-anaylze and check both the “force t&l” and “emulate pixel cap” boxes.

  337. Hmmm..I tried that particular setting GMAER and it didn’t help. According to the I pass the minimum requirements in everything except the 945, and it says my “Video HW Transform & lighting” and “Vertex Shader Ver.” are both nonexistent. Sorry about bothering everyone, but I’m still getting used to tweaking with 3d analyze. Again, if anyone can point me in the right direction.

  338. To Dante :

    3danalyze -force SW TnL-emulate HW TnL

    To jinaud

    what game are u talking about??

  339. And if your textures in GTA:san andreas are meesed up just update driver this is what i done.

  340. IS the Overlord working on 945 ?

  341. Sorry for writing in so many Posts 😛

    Is the blacksite working??

  342. Sorry, was talking about The Witcher. I’ve been trying every combination in 3d analyze that I can think of, and still can’t get passed the “warning! minimum system requirements not met!” message. I’m only behind on the video card, everything else passes.

  343. People, look at the games we are running on the 915GM! We gotta get Call of Duty 2 working somehow. I tried a ton of different sittings in 3D Analyzer and I still get the DirectX MssageBox with an error. If I got Splinter Cell Chaos Theory running on this card, Call of Duty 2 must can work. How are we going to solve this now?

  344. I dont know what is sollution for wither i will try demo later but its nice game Polish game!! 😛

  345. Hi Jayamal and co. ,

    I have Intel 945GM gfx card intergrated… Im tyring to run Brian Lara Cricket 2007 using 3d Anaylzer.. what settings did you use for it to work?

    Would appreciate the help thanks.

  346. JUst trided Oblivion its not woking bad on low settsing its working fine but is little laggy but i think when i get my windos xp there will be no lag 🙂 coz games are working much better on xp on my bro when he has a xp on his compueter and he played oblivion there was no lags but now he installed vista and there a big lags

  347. Hello ImRaN,

    Vendor ID:4098
    Device ID:20812
    emulate HW TnL
    emulate pixel shader

  348. Hey all, I’m still working on getting the Witcher demo to run. Whenever I start i get the “Warning! Minimum requirements not met!” It’s weird, since normally when it’s the 945, it normally gives me the ‘has stopped working’ error. I’m running low on ideas, if anyone has gotten through this, I’d be grateful for a hand.

  349. Is nevervintenights 2 working on 945?

  350. Why Fear extraction point is so laggy in large areays any solutions for that ? :((

  351. Thanks Jayamal i figured it out few days ago how to work it with 3d analyser, but thanks for the reply :D:D..

    p.s: what is the best shooting/action game to play on with intel 945?

  352. can i run Metal Gear Solid 2 in my pentium M 1.73GHZ, intel 900GMA with 760mb RAM?

    what setting in 3d analyze would make it work..Im really excited in playing it since im about to finish downloading the game for weeks… 🙂

  353. The best shoot you can tun is FEAR

  354. For the sake of newcomers who just happen to scroll directly to the end. Here is the link to a more organized list of games that work and don’t work on 945 and 915:

  355. I want to buy The orange box i know that hl2 and hl2 episode one is working but im not sure that episod 2 is working?? Is hl2 episode 2 working on my chiipest 945

  356. I’m having problems getting The Witcher to run. I’ve checked off all the boxes that I’m supposed to but it still gives me the “Warning, system requirements not met.” Could it be that the reason it dosen’t work is because it’s patched? Secondly what kind of performance are you guys getting on World in Conflict.

  357. Alright so I’ve made some progress in getting The Witcher to run. For those who are getting the minimum requirements error, create a shortcut to the witcher.exe and at the end of it add -dontForceMinReqs. That will bypass that message. Unfortunatly I still have to use 3da to get it to run and that doesn’t allow u to select a shortcut to start. I’ve tried making a shortcut that starts 3da first, then starts witcher.exe which goes fine on its own, but when i add the -dontForceMinReqs to that shortcut, i get two errors, “CreateProcess Failed” follow immediately by “Error while injecting dll into target process.” I have a topic started at to work on this, but i figured I’d share it here as well, both to direct people who have problem w/ this later, and to get any ideas anyone of you might possible have.

  358. HELP! why does my game screen is blank when I play Metal Gear Solid 2. I have installed patch 1 and MTGS patch 2 and still no display. The game seems to run well except that the screen is blank…can anybody help me to deal with this ^_^

    i got intel pentium M 1.73Ghz with intel 900gma

  359. Hi
    guys i got call of duty 2 to run on my laptop with vista and gma945.
    I just enabled all tnl options and entered a id and stuff.It’s very laggy and unplayable even on the lowest settings…I can get 20fps by looking at the ground but when i look up it drops to 2. I have core 2 dual, 2GB of ram and vsita home premium

  360. what ID did you inputted?

    Can you let us all know what settings in 3D analyzer you used.

  361. I’ve read from ea website that nfs carbon runs on 945gm when used vista and also with low setting runs fine.
    This means that 945 gm drivers are inefficent to play new games. I adviced the readers to try playing unplayble games on vista.

  362. REsponse to GMAER
    Overlord is working with 3d analyze fluently. I’ve tried on 945 chipset.

  363. 915 chipset,
    brother in arms earned in blood – works with 3d analyzer.
    Flatout 2 – works great,most beautiful game ever played.

    have anyone tried juiced 2,blacksite area 51, helgate london on 915.

  364. Another recent game is working!!! Recently released “Death to Spies” is also working beautifully on my intel 900 gma without 3d analyser…any tweaks….

  365. I really want to run Hitman: Blood Money on my intel gma 900 but am not able do it even with 3d analyser textures are all messes up…. so…anybody able to run this game on intel 900 gma….???? pls help

  366. to run call of duty 2 enable hw tnl caps, force SW tnl and use 4098 and 20812 as vendor and device id

  367. Just found out somthing interesting ! There is a slight chance that we are able to upgrade our integrated graphic card to a delicated one since the 945gm chipset supports PCI express x16 ! Have a look at these few links… ( look at the “Benefits to Business” table,there says upgradeability to better performance graphic card)

    …pls share your opinions

  368. WOW that means i could get a nivedia 8800gt then? FOR MY LAPTOP

  369. Assassin i tried hitmanblood money and it runs with 3d analyer for me textrue are not messed up they are normal but is so laggy it was laggy on my vista i going to try it on my xp now :).

  370. REsponse to GMAER
    Overlord is working with 3d analyze fluently. I’ve tried on 945 chipsetI just tried demo and is very laggy on lowest settings any solution for that ? L(

  371. To Gamer

    Wow you were able to run hitman blood money can u tell me the settings of 3d analyze you used maybe because it was vista coz intel released new set of drivers for it… pls help me in this regard whn i run blood money with or without blood money there are too many missing textures …pls help me…i really want to play this game

    thnx in advance

  372. Dante, Could you look up some more info on this opportunity. This would so make my winter break the best ever. I’ll try to get more info myself.

  373. Unreal Tournament – work Perfect.
    Unreal 2 – work well but a little slow.
    Neverwinter Nights – work Perfect.
    Prince of Persia, The Sand Of Time – Work good but a little slow with 3DAnalize.
    Uru – don’t work
    FATE – work Perfect.
    Half Life (and mods) – work Perfect.
    Age of Mithologies – work Perfect.
    Age of Empires 3 – work good but slow in water scenes.
    Diablo II Expansion – work Perfect.
    NFS Undergground – work good in Medium GFX.
    Worms 3D – work Perfect.
    Battle Reams – work Perfect.
    Warcraft 3 and Expansion – work Very Good.
    Simpsons, Hit&Run – work Perfect.
    Tales of Pirates (MMORPG) – work Perfect.
    Max Payne – work Perfect.

  374. 2007 Role-Playing Game of the Year – Depths of Peril
    work Good but a little slow in High GFX.

  375. Hitman blood money its not working on my xp .. :(((

  376. help with delta force xtreme demo. machine is HP nx 6110 lap top, with intel(r) 915 gm/gms. video card or driver i need.

  377. I’m really suprised by the way flatout 2 is working. I can run the game extreamly smooth with highest settings(1024*768*32). Even on 1280*1024*32 it still works well with a little lag here and there(I havent even dreamed of playing a game on this res). I have to say Flatout 2 got more graphics than most wanted(800*640*32 still lags). I wonder why other game makers cant’t make games like faltout 2 which runs perfectly well on low end garphic cards using cpu power.

    Even intel can release a graphic driver which can emmulated HTnL and pixel shader 2.0 like 3d analyser does.

  378. ",",",",",", Avatar

    will prince of persia sands of time works on intel 946gz,and prince of persia the two thrones?
    Seal of evil?

  379. To gamer

    so i guess i have to upgrade my xp to vista….well vista will be too slow for me …so no chance of playin my tht game… 😦

  380. These are the game that i have tried, i have the 945GM chipset, this thread is really great.

    working games:
    -harry potter order of the phoenix
    -C&C tiberium war
    -HL2 episode 2 (but i have problem with portal)
    -war world (need 3d-analyze)
    -the settlers anniversary (need 3d-analyze)

    non working games:
    -Two world (it is impossible to play with 3d-analyze)
    -NFS carbon
    -the chronicle of Narnia (all black with 3d-analyze)

  381. d6i6a6b6l6o or anybody, how does C&C Tiberium War play?

  382. Toshiba Satellite here, lethally equipped with a 915 Intel Chipset.
    Age of Empires 3 (a game similar to C&C) is so much fun; no graphics tweaking necessary.

    Sorry to Kah- I couldn’t get a demo of Command and Conquer 3 to try. There is a demo of AoE 3 that you can download and play for free. It’s very fun and works great with the 915.

    I also would recommend everyone add Crimsonland to their notebook game collection. Full version takes up about 13 megs, good use of the 915 card (Tested on 1.7 GHz processor). Basically shoot monsters like there is no tomorrow taking advantage of a special upgrade system.

  383. Dell 9400 Intel Core Duo, 1GB of Ram, 2GHZ, Intel 945GM. I’ve been trying to run Prince of Persia: Sands of Time without any success. I tried 3D analyse (v2.36b) and I got this message:
    Your videocard « 3D-Analyze v2.3 – » is not supported.

    I click ‘Launch anyway’ and get ‘The game could not be launched: The operation completed successfully.” Then I’m back at my desktop. Any help, please?

  384. hey, can i use 3da for running GUITAR HERO 3 on a Hp dv6000?
    Intel 945 express

  385. Plz tell me how to Metal gear solid 2 work with or without the patch 1.1 or 2 i have tested all patches and all setting and i have alwas a black screen with sound of the game

  386. hi i have an toshiba 1gb 945gm laptop and i could run the following at full gfx without 3d analyze

    flight simulator 2004: century of flight
    chris sawyers locomotion
    SWAT 4 (full)
    sim city 4 with 3d analyze at low gfx settings

    hope this helps with ur list

  387. i have mgs2 substance with 2.0 update for gfx cards but i dont have a clue on what settings i need to put the game and 3d analyzer to get this to work, any help would be greatly appreciated

  388. I got Prince of Persia to work. I used 3D-Analyze v2.34 (not 2.36b) and selected Force SW TnL, Skip Pixel Shader 1.1, all 5 emulators under Hardware Caps, emulate cube maps and shaders under Anti-detect mode.
    The gfx settings are fairly low.

    Just for the record, I can play Age of Empires 3 (navy battles are laggy), Sims 2, Sim City 4, BF:1942 and Legend of Jack Sparrow very easily without 3D Analyze and without any performance/gfx issues.

  389. Can you confirm my assumtion that all games compatibile with 915 can be run on 945?

  390. To Jinaud I got The Witcher to work whit 3d-Analyze

  391. But the wither must be very lagyyy

  392. NO not with low sitings

  393. Kerrick that is a good question.
    I don’t know that it is fair to assume 915 and 945 can and can’t run the same games.

    I am willing to try any demo or free game on my 915 if it helps. Happy gaming and it is right to give thanks to broadband.

  394. To vadru, can I ask what settings and what version of 3da you used? I’ve been using the latest, and I’m still being bounced back and forth between the Injection error and a cannot copy forcedll error.

  395. Jinaud, I found 2.4 worked better for me than 2.6b but I haven’t tried the Witcher.

  396. I am uising 3da 2.36b and the sittings is
    force SW TnL
    emulateHW TnL caps
    emulate pixel shader caps
    emulate bump map caps
    VendorID 4098
    DeviceID 20812
    And you most select Witcher.exe not launcher.exe
    Witcher.exe is in the system folder in the game folder
    “C:\Program\The Witcher\System\Witcher.exe

  397. anybody got BMW M3 CHALLENGE to work, i can only get as far as the selection screen once the race loads the game crashes. i put the settings as low as possible but still wont work 😦

  398. Hi,

    I noticed that someone here has managed to run Hitman: Blood Money with 3D Analyzer. Does anyone know the settings for 3D Analyzer for that game? I’m desperately trying to play this game on my laptop…

  399. solution for overlord 945 chipset
    with 3d analyze
    turn off all shadows, blur …
    at 1024×800 resolution playable >14 fps

  400. yo can i run 18 wheels haulin

    its a intel gma950 224mb vram

    512mb ram

  401. just to confirm half life 2 does work with intel 945gm as long as you use the quicksave workaround which skips the game from crashing every time you enter a new sub level.

  402. Joub half life 2 was crashing for me to but its not of graphic card u need to go to goole and find solution. This is what i done and its working perfectly for me.

  403. solution for overlord 945 chipset
    with 3d analyze
    turn off all shadows, blur …
    at 1024×800 resolution playable >14 fps

    14 FPS is playable ? :O

  404. Is half lif episode two working on 945 chipset?? because some people are saying that is woriking and some people are saying that is not working.

  405. i think episode 2 only works with 3d analyze but i havent got a clue on what combination of settings you need to use.

  406. To Vadru, thanks, but when I do that I still get the “Warning! Minimum Requirements not Met!” message. Originally, I got past this through a shortcut with -dontforceminreqs added onto the end, and ran that with 3da. But that leads to those two annoying errors. According to their site, the game runs a check on startup that looks to see if you meet the minimum reqs, and if you fail, it just displays that message without even trying to run. Thats what that switch added in the shortcut eliminates. How did you get through it? Or am I just very unlucky?
    And to Trina, ya, I went and downloaded all other versions posted 3da main site’s archive of them. I have yet to try all of them, but I’m working on it.

  407. This is the solution for half life 2 autosave crash :

    Right click your Half Life 2 icon on your desktop (the one you would normally double-click to launch the game). Then click Properties. Click the Shortcut Tab. In the line labeled Target, you will see something like this, depending on where you put the program when you installed it:

    “C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe” -applaunch 22

    Copy and paste the following AFTER the above line:

    +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 +snd_async_prefetch_priority 1

    Be sure there is a space between -applaunch 22 and +mat

  408. hey ‘gamer’ all i put was the +mat_forcehardwaresync 0 line what does the other do to the game?

  409. try Jade Empire guys…cool game with 3d anal

  410. Also Silkroad online works without 3d analyse on 915

  411. I will be closing commenting on this post soon.As you may have felt it has now become difficult to locate info on this page.The Intel9x gaming Google group would be of great help to all of us.I am trying to transfer info from the comments here to the Group Posts whenever i find time, would appreciate if the readers/members could contribute. Thanks for all the valuable comments.

  412. great page the google page is much easier to navigate. could you maybe maybe sub sections for the various 9x cards like 945??

  413. Hey again.
    Just got Beyond Good And Evil and played it on my 945G. Works fine, with great graphics.

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