PSP Media Manager worth it?

I really love my PSP, its just the perfect portable gaming companion.Although most feel the nintendo DS lite is better, i would just like to add that the PSP and DS lite are for different ‘shades’ of gamers (if you have played on both, then you would understand what i mean!). As always i wanted to get more out of my PSP without trying to brick it (trying homebrew on firmware 3.03). I watch a handful of video podcasts and since i dont have a video ipod, and because it was widely known that the PSP could do the job i wanted to move my video podcasts to my PSP.But i also wanted it to download updated episodes just as my itunes does for my Nano.Well that it seems is asking too much!! I had to hunt down for a program that would do this subscription management as well as synch with my PSP. Naturally apart from the obscure packages like Alligator and Fireants the official choice was the PSP Media Manager.

As you might have guessed it aint free! so spent 20$ on this program and i must i could have just gone and bought a game for my PSP. The Media manager allows you to transfer files from and to the PSP.You can move content with a pretty but slow interface (pictures,audio,video and gamesaves), which i could do manually. So the interesting part was the RSS subscription client, (which is why i bought it) its so pathetic! Yes it downloads RSS updates with attachments and puts them on your PSP…BUT…once it downloads the content – here the podcast which is optimized for viewing on the PSP/ipod its starts to re-encode the whole file which takes its own sweet time and then transfers it onto the PSP.My question is why re-encode content that can automatically be played of the PSP, this is just a waste of my system resources!!!

So if you are planning to buy the PSP Media Manager think twice…may be your better off getting a new title for your PSP 😉

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