Madness…this is a Mac ;-)

After thinking over for a long time i decided yesterday to give into the temptation to enter OS X land! My windows faithful friends say…”this is Madness”…i say…”Madness….this is a Mac” 😉 Ofcourse i threw in the argument that i could run windows on it anytime i wanted 😉 thanks to Apple for the Intel Macs.The first thing that i did before deciding to switch to make a list of all thesoftware that i use, then go looking for their Mac versions/equivalents – thankfully that front is covered to the best of my satisfaction! which was quite surprising for me as well as my Windows fanatic friends.

The next is to choose which mac do i want?Being a student i am strapped by cash, thanks again to apple for the cool student discount and monthly payment facility that i can manage to look at the Macbook Pros 😉 But i have finally shortlisted the Black Macbook or the 2.13 Ghz Macbookpro. I am visiting the apple store at Hannover this weekend…. (will update..;-)


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