Firefox for the Mac

After switching to the Mac platform i have changed several of the programs that i used.Not because there were no OS X versions, but simply because the equivalents for the Mac gave better perfomance.One of the programs that stuck with me during this transition is my browser.Yes i use Firefox on the Mac too.Browsers like Safari and Camino are good browsers for the Mac platform yet they lack the flexibility offered by firefox by way of extensions and community support.However somehow my experience with Firefox on the Mac wasn’t very pleasant.Firefox was still slow on the Dual core macbook pro!!….mmm,that was until i found the OS X intel chip modded version of firefox.Since then the performance issues that i had with firefox have gone down significantly! The difference in performance was obvious while visiting pages like Gmail – which for some reason quite an amount of time to load!!

If you are on the Mac and would still love to retain Firefox as your primary browser – then this is the way to go 😉


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  1. […] as fast as safari, i was looking around for customized builds of firefox for my Intel Core 2 Duo.I have been trying a flavor of firefox that is designed for the Mac OS and i noticed a considerable difference in […]

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