Flickering display problem! – Macbook Pro

Its been 4 months since i bought my Macbook pro and for the last two days a peculiar problem cropped.My display would flicker a few times and would blacken, but the system ran fine.When connected my macbook pro to another display everything worked..probably its a problem with ATI X1600 graphics card!! i have my OS X updated and still that did not fix the problem.Just yesterday my mac retained itself in the realm of darkness forever 😦 I’ve given it to my nearest Apple care center..hope to get it by this week..still curious what the problem was? As i went through the Macbook pro support forums i could find no similar problem from the posts.Mmm.. guess i would be able to post a better reason for the weird behaviour after i get mine fixed.


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  1. It sounds like a ’97 G3 PowerBook that I swore would be my last ever Apple purchase. It turned out to be the cord to the display, although the thing basically sat on my desk and was rarely closed or opened. I had noticed the an occasional flicker but ignored it until it was a month or so out of warranty and it went all plaid and black. Apple told me to lump it, even though I found that quite a few other people were having the same problem. It’s taken me 10 years to even consider another Mac (and I hate Windows)

  2. Thanks for input Paul, but i am sure my problem isn’t similar i had the flickering even while my mac was running on battery 😦 !! hey by the way things have got much better on the Apple front since powerbook 😉 (excluding some problems here and there ofcourse!)

  3. Hi bala

    This has just started to happen to my MBP in the past 2 days. It works fine connected to an external monitor and I can see very very faint images on my MBP display (but it’s impossible to use). I don’t have apple care and it’s out of warranty – what did the Apple guys say was the problem? Was it easily fixed? Approx. how much did it cost?

  4. Actually the Apple techs had some trouble pinpointing the location of the problem.They suggested it could be a faulty power unit/board and replaced it.After about a week the problem recurred, i took it back and this time they could narrow down the problem to the mainboard and they replaced it.I used it again for a week! then strangely another problem came up – i could hear strange noises (like metal rubbing on each other)..yet again carried it to the techs!! i’m about to get it back today.I dont think this is a widespread problem – i was frantically searching for an explanation in the apple forums, but couldn’t find posts reporting similar problems.

    Fortunatley all this happened/ing within my warranty period so i haven’t spent anything yet! but i now feel that apple care would be a wise investment.Hope this helps.

  5. Hi! I’m having the same problem. My macbook pro has 4 months now. Have you managed to solve it?

  6. Hi, my mac (not macbook pro!) also has the same problem. It is about 17months old. Flickering began during warranty when my macbook (Hardware revision 1.1) was 7months old. At the beginning it flickered infrequently but by the time it became worse. Unfortunately I called apple AFTER my waranty was over.

    I didnt fix the problem by resetting the problem.

    With Flickering I mean the backlight switching between bright and half-dark. It just cant keep brightness.

    By the way… there are some guys having the same problem 😉
    http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=252716 (this seems to be like my problem)


  7. Erik, i did not know that it was a widespread problem!! however ya its really bad when things like this happen when your apple warranty/care has expired. Hope you get yours fixed without burning a hole in your wallet.A special thanks for the links, would help people coming here for the same problem.

  8. Hi guys, with a year old 20″ i Mac (intel), it started flickering
    on and off about 4 months ago. I first phoned Apple and got a guy with an accent who put me through a procedure which had me pull out all the cords and click some buttons and then put all cords back in. I am a stroke survivor with only the right hand working and the left barely. I did all this without dropping the computer but it wasn’t easy! This seemed to work but after a few weeks it started again, but not every day. After awhile I called again and got another guy with much better english. He put me through the same routine and said to try it for awhile. Again, ok for awhile and then back to flickering.
    and then it started again. Any comments?

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