(Itunes) P2p Music sharing ;-)

Simple Media

If you are looking for a legal way to share your mp3s with friends, want your friends to listen to that awesome track that you ripped from your audio CD … — ok none of the above really sound legal? does it…well its a tragedy that the music industry is cannibalizing themselves by bringing in ridiculous regulations to prevent people having fun with stuff that they have paid for. I can go on with my rants…but i just wanted the world to know about this cool piece of software called Simplify Media.

Yes you do have the ability to share your music in Itunes through your network to a maximum of 5 friends but with simple media you can share your music collection with upto 32 friends over the internet!! Oh i should also mention, its not just about sharing your music, its about getting your music collection on any computer connected to the internet 😉 Talk about social networking with music..yes its a cool way to discover music from friends and people you know.

Access Music

I guess you get the idea?? What are waiting for – Happy listening folks


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