Google Reader (Notifier) Update

Taking the risk of being a Google fan boy, just came to know that not only Gmail – but Reader also has a notifier!! Ok before you let out a sigh (what’s new?) the notifier allows you specifically monitor tags that you have defined for your subscriptions.Which means that if i want to be notified when a particular tagged subscription in updated, then notifier comes in handy, instead of going to the reader page to check if a particular feed is updated.Also available in a firefox flavour Nifty eh? ;-‘) oh if you haven’t seen how useful Google reader please read my previous post (plug!).


2 responses to “Google Reader (Notifier) Update”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Google Reader but if I were notified every time I had a post — that would be — wow, 70+ times a day? For my sanity’s sake, I think I’ll avoid that…

  2. I agree with you absolutely Ben, notifier shines where one needs to be constantly updated about a weather updates 😉 though people would find better uses pretty soon.

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