Belkin Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card review

Belkin Wireless Pre-N network card

I have been using the WiFi service available from the University at the student hostel for about 3 weeks now. I connect from my notebook (Acer aspire 3628AWXMi centrino) in my room. The connection quality is really abysmal, i connect through my inbuilt wifi card, the intel 2200 b/g over a VPN to access the internet. I could understand that the quality of any wifi network within a hostel that has all the possible inconveniences that a wifi signal could have would make my internet experience a really pain. But there is an AP at every wing to make things smoother, but even then my connectivity was really bad.I was getting frequently disconnected, especially with teh Cisco VPN client breaking connection everytime the connectivity dropped to ‘very poor’ situations. I had to play musical chair within my small room to establish a decent connection.

The only solution is to go in for a wider range network card that would make my life better. Did some searching on the net and finally ended up on the Belkin Wireless Pre-N network card. The basic feature i was looking was for a better antenna on the card so that it can pickup weak signal as well as have a wide range.Although i came up several Netgear cards the rangemax series, there was just one problem with them, they work best (the wide range and speed) only with a suitable gear like a Netgear rangemax router/AP. I dont have that choice,so the card i should be looking for should be giving me the added range and speed with any gear that it connects to. So naturally the Belkin was the only choice.I got my order from Amazon on time.

I have been using for about 3 months now and i do notice the significant increase in the range and the strength of Wifi signal. If your in the market for a card for your notebook that would enable to give a significant edge in picking up that weak wifi signal, look no further than this.


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  1. I am definitely excited then to receive mine. Just bought it today and found it on sale for only $39.95. Check out this link

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