Spreadshirt : Cafepress for Europe

Gapingvoid Tshirt

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I’m cafepress addict! But apart from burning a hole in my bank account, Cafepress shipments bear ridiculous shipping/Taxes when they enter the European Union.Or for that matter my recently purchased Speck macbook pro clear cover costed me twice the price – imports are never good for your bank account. I have been on the lookout for quite sometime for a Cafepress equivalent in Europe which could considerably reduce my shipping and import taxes. Behold Spreadshirt – it’s as good as Cafepress and without the import duties and shipping costs its a temptation hard to over come.


3 responses to “Spreadshirt : Cafepress for Europe”

  1. I heard about spreadshirt, but not sure how is the quality. I didn’t know it cost so much for European, no wonder their main business is in United State….

  2. I’ve used a company called Creative Craving (http://www.creativecraving.co.uk) before. They are UK based so no need to worry about shipping and customs costs. I’ve actually got some of their stuff so I can tell you the print quality is really good. You should have a look at them.

  3. Thx Nicola, will look into Creative Craving 🙂

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