Minefield (firefox) for Mac

On my endeavor to get my firefox as fast as safari, i was looking around for customized builds of firefox for my Intel Core 2 Duo.I have been trying a flavor of firefox that is designed for the Mac OS and i noticed a considerable difference in firefox performance.Yesterday i came across yet another customized build – but this time its customized for the Processor! I was blown away by the performance boost that i got from this build of firefox.

Of-course there are disadvantages of using customised builds like they are not updated as frequently as the general release (which i can still live with) but the single most discomforting feature of such builds is their compatability with firefox extensions.I am not a extension junkie, but i run atleast 12 extensions that i feel are dire necessities for me. Bad news is that several of them are not compatible with the customised build!

Seems like its either SPEED or USABILITY … classic catch 22 😦


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