Kodak Easyshare SV710 – Mini review

I’ll be leaving on vacation soon and was looking for just the right gift for the folks at home. As i was cruising around Amazon i hit up on the idea of Digital Photoframe. Now i have not used a digital photoframe before neither have seen one around my friends. So i cautiously decided to choose something basic or rather which wouldn’t make me feel bad for the money i spent if it turned to a blooper. It’s always a good idea to stick to known brands while buying stuff you really don’t know about! trust me there were occasions where i hated a certain type of device just because i picked up a no name brand on my first purchase of the device which also turned out to be crappy.I hit on the Kodak Easyshare SV710 as it was one of the cheaply priced well-known brands. Its your basic photoframe that ofcourse displays your photos, comes with the ability to playback audio and video and a handy remote. I must say its the best value for the cost you pay. I found the remote to be a worthy addon for a basic model as this one.It accepts a handful of memory cards and also comes with a mini USB as well as a USB port. The screen displays colors vividly, it’s not fantastic but well worth the money. The audio playback feature is nice as far as you just stream some classical piece in the background along with a slide show running, the video playback is also good. Interface is simple and easy to operate using the control on the device as well as with the supplied remote. The only grouse for me was the panel frame that device came with, which somehow seemed to appear broader than the image display itself. However Kodak has several replaceable panels for use on this photo frame which solved the problem. If you’re out looking for a cheap but worthy digital photo frame look no further than the Easyshare SV710.


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    Would it be possible to contact me. I am up to sign acontrcat that brings me back to Asia (India).

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