VM Ware Fusion – Keyboard Woes

 keyboardFor the past one hour i’ve been struggling to get my keyboard to work on my VM Ware Fusion virtual machine (WinXP). I tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling the keyboard but nothing worked. Which is when i noticed that i also had a problem with another of my mac favorites Text Expander, which due to some reason wouldn’t work! Now that’s a strange coincidence isn’t it. I started digging around the internet for a fix. Voila! the power of the masses. I found that the Secure Input feature of OS X could hamper programs such as VMWare Fusion, Text Expander from capturing keystrokes, who knew? But i love the Community because not only did i find a solution for my problem, they also pointed out the source. Xhub enables secure input preventing other programs from capturing key strokes! Xhub is a good app, but my priorities are elsewhere, so long Xhub, nice knowing you. Hope this helps some soul looking for salvation.


2 responses to “VM Ware Fusion – Keyboard Woes”

  1. Just to let you know that VMWare Fusion 2.0rc1 re-wrote all the code that used SecureInput, so it should not affect it anymore.

  2. Oh thanks for the input Marcello. Have to update mine soon.

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