Emusic – The Audiobook Service

Emusic - The Audiobook Service I’ve been to Emusic before and its not quite mainstream. But i really appreciate their DRM free policy on the music they sell. Lately i came to know that Emusic has come up with a DRM free Audiobook service! which made me immediately subscribe to their new service. When it started out the only disadvantage was the availability of titles. Emusic Audiobooks section did have quite a number a books but still not giving a choice as Audible does. One point to be noted is that there are certain audiobooks which had received bad comments from the listeners due to their audio quality. Now that definitely isn’t the way to roll out a new service, although i must say that the two books i purchased from them were of good audio quality.Oh i really hate the Emusic Remote client that one should use to download the titles that have been purchased! Yet another problem is that Emusic breaks up the complete audiobook into 100s of files just to make it easier to listen,pause and play.But may be i’ve been spoiled by the Audible bookmarkable (proprietary) format it is a bit difficult adjusting to this mode of listening. Needless to say there are ways of overcoming this hitch ;-).Coming to the most important factor of the service Pricing.An audiobook only subscription to Emusic which provides a standard one book a month costs 11.99 euros. Well ya the Emusic site has a european presence and hence accepts payment in Euros unlike Audible. Here in lies the catch, i presently am subscribed to Audible with a similar plan for about 15$ which works out around 10.5 euros which isn’t drastically different but is definitely cheaper (inlcuding the $ conversion commission from the bank). But i guess when you’re getting something free of DRM which you can copy and play in any device you want the difference is nothing. Also Audible allows you to carryover your download credits incase you haven’t used it, whereas for now Emusic Audiobook service doesn’t offer this (guess its just a matter of time before they roll this out). I must say that Emusic Audiobooks could potentially turn out to be a stiff competition for Audible provided they work on their catalogue of available books.Oh and my test download was the “Life, the Universe & Everything” by Douglas Adams – I’m such a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy junkie 😉 


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  1. Whether an audiobook is DRM free or not, is really decided by the publishers and seldom the distributors.

    Practically, from experience, one seldom changes the listening device mid way through a volume of the audiobook. It is usually after finishing one file then may change device. It is therefore, DRM has not been a problem except if need to transfer more than 3 times.

    For example the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Quandary Phase is split into a few files to make it easier to download and listen.

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