Blogo – The Mars edit Alternative?

I am fan of Mars Edit, because it simple and gets the job done perfectly.Too bad it costs a little more than what i can afford for a blogging client.I’ve been on the look out for an alternative to Marsedit for a while now and ended up with Blogo.To start out let me say – No blogo is not considerably cheaper than Mars edit, atleast for a student like me 😦 But i am just throwing this post up to reflect my opinion of Blogo.

Blogo is one of those apps that just be looking at the screenshots you could fall in love with.

The best thing i like about Blogo other than its cool interface is its very soothing appeal and no nonsense get it done interface, which are all very typical to msot Cool Mac apps 😉 One should have no problems with the features, it does pretty much all that you can ask for, like allows adding images and resizing them for your blog posts, integration with most popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger etc.There are some well thought of features like word,character count – which one wouldn’t need in the case of a blog but its just there if you need it.There’s a full screen editing option that gives sort of Write Room experience which i love – undistracted blogging perfect!

somethings that i miss, or rather am getting used to doing differently are

  1. Categories: categories are provided as sort of tags.
  2. Spellcheck missing…Ooops! isn’t that a blaring omission..i mean typos do “happn” dont they?
  3. Considering that Marsedit is such a strong competition, i would expect blogo to be priced more competetively.

Blogo has a lot of potential to knockout Marsedit, especially with that awesome interface that’s hard to resist.I am sure that the disadvantages that I’ve listed above are pretty minor (expect the spellcheck, if i may say so) which would probably be fixed in their next version.I’ll add this to my “probably might buy” list of software.

PS: This post was created with Blogo.



3 responses to “Blogo – The Mars edit Alternative?”

  1. Thanks for trying Blogo, and we’re thrilled you enjoyed our work.

    You can turn on spell checking by right-clicking on the editor and choosing “Check spelling as you type” or through the Edit menu. We’ll make sure to leave it on by default in future versions.

  2. Thanks for your review!

    Spell-checking can be enabled in the Editing preferences, but should be on by default.

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