Quartz PDF plugin for Firefox


If your job involves dealing with PDFs on a daily basis, then here is a tip for Mac users (only)!

Yes, I know you love safari and that it’s a very elegant browser which loads up pdfs on the fly with Preview but then I’m sure that there are enough firefox users out there who would like things to work the same way in their world too. The wait is over with the Quartz PDF plugin which is a mac only extension/addon for firefox that makes pdf handling just the breeze it is in safari. It just makes me forget that I’m working with firefox (provided you’re running the appropriate theme 😉 Do yourselves a favour and get rid of that pdf download plugin!


4 responses to “Quartz PDF plugin for Firefox”

  1. I’ve installed the plugin, but the results are HUGE. It’s nearly impossible to read the document, requiring me to constantly adjust left-right-up-down just to find any text or images.

  2. Sorry to hear that Jim, personally i haven’t had any such problems!! but i’ll post an update here if i find anything related. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hello Jim, I had the same problems !!!

    I prefer Manfred Schuberts PDF Browser Plugin – look:


    the handling is way easier and there are more features …

    it opens PDFs inside the same window/tab and a small menue bar offers a lot of easy features like saving, prinitng, downloading, turning, forward/backward,increase/decrease view and so on …

    but for the usage uninstalling quartz is necessary …

    cheers 🙂

  4. Macci, thanks for the input. Its a good plugin that you’ve suggested but unfortunately it only works on PPC machines and not the newer ones 😦 ,so right now quartz is the way to go!

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