White backgrounds..

I was going through the One Light DVD which i had borrowed recently and really loved the content. For strobist fans, One Light is a tutorial DVD like the Strobist ones and is presented by Zack Arias.

I highly recommend the One Light for beginners, its my opinion that the Strobist lectures get a bit geeky and can easily lose a newbie. Comparatively One Light is simpler to start with and can quickly help you move on more complex Strobist set ups. Zack also explains things in a much more lucid manner with some cool pics with labels. If you would like to see the kind of images that One light setups can come up with feel free. I designed the following shot after watching One Light.

Strobist info for the following shot:

The background is a white wall with a strobe firing into it at 1/2 power and is placed right behind me. A second strobe set at 1/4th is firing from beside the camera into a near by white wall to generate the fill light (Which frankly doesn’t seem to be enough?!)

White backgrounds..i love them!
White backgrounds..i love them!

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