Fonera 2.0n Router

Just received my Fonera newsletter informing me about the availability of the new Fonera 2.0n router. I know there are several new routers coming out with weird model numbers (now that the WiFi-N has become official and is no longer a draft) but this one seems to be a geek’s dream come true. Before I start going into the feature set of the Fonera N router, yes I’m aware that open source firmwares like Tomato can be loaded onto some existing routers to gain almost all the features that the Fonera router comes with! then again that process isn’t the most easy task either, given that one has to have a router that is compatible with the firmware. Anyway Fonera N router seems to be a safer bet than hacking any existing router.

Now the router does almost everything that you would expect any common router to do, 4 ethernet ports,1 USB port ( supports connecting USB hubs!) finishes the visible featureset of the router. But, its what inside that matters..isn’t it..the router firmware is simply amazing. If you need a comparison of the featureset of Fonera and other routers, take a look here.

Quoted below are what I feel as the best of the features that Fonera 2.0 N router provides;

Torrent Downloader: Download torrents even with your PC shut down.

YouTube Video Uploader: Upload videos even while your PC is turned off.

Picasa, Facebook, Flickr Photo Uploader: Upload photos automatically from any USB storage device connected to the Fonera 2.0n.

Megaupload, RapidShare: Configure your accounts so the Fonera 2.0n downloads for you.

Wireless Storage: Access your externall HDD wirelessly (NAS).

Multiple Device Hub: Connect a USB hub (not included) and add as many devices (webcams, printers, etc.) as you want.

High Speed File Transfer: Transfer files at up to 300 Mbps with 802.11n.

Greater WiFi Reach: Improve your home wireless coverage with two antennae and the power of 802.11n.

Install New Features: Add new apps with just once click.

The interface to the router though could have been more good looking, but then we wouldn’t know about its Open Source nature, now would we 😉 Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m already on a WiFi N network at home and greatly appreciate the speed bump that my Airport Extreme – N offers, now with something like the Fonera router there’s just going to be more fun at a not so pricey 79€.


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