CameraBag – for the Mac

CameraBag is a cool application for the Mac that allows you to add some classic photography filters or effects to your captures. Most pictures take a life of their own when post processed in a very classic fashion or given the film feel. Its like, the feeling that an image elicits when you know that it belongs to a certain period in time – the gritty, gripping feel! if you’ve been surfing the “interestingness” or “explore” feature of Flickr, you might have come across several images that have been post-processed in this “aged” or film style manner that just makes the image pop out in the mind of the viewer – that’s exactly what CameraBag does in a “as simple as it gets” manner. The fact that the app came out for the iPhone platform (App Store link) and later brought to the mac, should attest to the popularity of this processing technique. Ya, this can be done in Photoshop, but definitely not with the kind of ease that CameraBag provides. I’ve got a review up here and I seriously urge you to check out the application – it could be your way to Flickr fame 😉 – Though as with any tool, do not overuse it! it does get boring if overdone.

Oh, by the way the images touched (on the right & untouched on the left) with CameraBag above were loaned from my friend’s photoblog (urge you to check it out!).


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