Olbrich Retrospective – Early Modernism in Architecture & Design

The retrospective “Joseph Maria Olbrich 1867–1908, Architect and Designer of Early Modernism”

I’m not much into Architecture and or similes thereof, “Joseph Maria Olbrich 1867–1908, Architect and Designer of Early Modernism” is an exhibition that I enjoyed very much. From the point of its Architectural ingenuity I may not be able to appreciate J.M. Olbrich’s work but from a creative design viewpoint its definitely appreciable and grand. I had no idea about this Austrian architect of Neo Modernism until the day I visited the exhibition and I sure did come off impressed. Ofcourse I couldn’t take photographs inside, but this video should give a glimpse at what’s on display. The video is in german and has no subtitles, but the visuals do justice.

The handmade detailed sketches and workbooks of Olbrich show the keenness to detail and how quickly he could design a building of stunning intricate design.Especially I really like the sketches of buidings and places that he made during his travels, interestingly most of these sketches always have people in them besides the buildings themselves!..I guess that helps one bring context to the very structures.


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