The Best Pocket Cameras

Dennis Stock by Andreas Feininger
Dennis Stock by Andreas Feininger
Dennis Stock by Andreas Feininger

Gone are the days when compact cameras or pocket cameras were just the domain of casual photographers. As every professional photographer that I respect says, the only way to make good photographs is to keep constantly honing your craft! keep shooting at every opportunity since great photographs are not shot only with professional SLRs but rather being at the right place at the right time with a decent enough camera in hand.It seems that finally Camera manufacturers have woken up to the fact that just adding more MP (megapixels) is not good enough anymore and that more functionality and control is what people are looking in cameras these days.

I know that “the Best” does not come cheap, even when talking about pocket cameras. The initial market for feature rich and powerful compact cameras will always be photography enthusiasts (like yours truly) and professional photographers who have come to expect a certain level of control from any camera obscura that they get their hands on. So if you are among the photography enthusiasts or just a guy or girl who likes to make memorable images from your camera, here are the best compact or pocket cameras that you can lay your hands on.

  • Canon Powershot S90
  • Canon Powershot G11
  • Panansonic Lumix GF1
  • Panasonic LX3
  • Olympus PEN E-P1

Ofcourse I have a detailed post here as to the reasons why the above mentioned cameras could be considered the best pocket cameras for the professional as well as any photography enthusiast. Keep in mind though great performance,features in a small package means it is going to be expensive! Then again, you get what you pay for 😉

Please note that I’m not a Nikon hater or a Canon lover! the noticeable absence of Nikon from this list reflects (my)reality (unfortunately!)

PS: If you’re curious about the featured image for this post.. Here’s some help!

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