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There is little time one can find to read books these days. Talk about information overflow and pollution, or just the reality of the digital age – one has to really work hard to find time to sit down with a book and enjoy the company of words. I was introduced to Audio books just about when podcasting was taking off or may be when I bought my first iPod and saw this menu listing called Audio books (I am not sure which!). Audible wasn’t actually my primary source of audio books when I started out, however their Science Frontiers initiative which brought out some of the best Sci-fi classics ever, instantly made me a customer. Together with the sweet free book offer using the TWiT referral I had been

I’m about to temporarily deactivate/cancel my Audible account and wanted to use up my remaining credits since they expire once you cancel the subscription. I’ve picked up Lucifer’s Hammer which I read long time back and would love to listen to an audio version. The Lost Fleet: Victorious is the last book in the Lost Fleet series and I’m really looking forward to see how Black Jack handles the politics and aliens! in this finale. Avenger is more of an impulse buy (damn Forsyth!), really looking forward to The Hidden Brain which is all about “How our unconscious Minds elects Presidents, Control markets, wage wars and save our lives” – if that doesn’t get one interested then what will?

On cancelling an Audible Account I’ve previously cancelled my Audible account when I was held up by other priorities in life and did not have the time to do justice to my Audible subscription, it was just a matter of going to the account page and canceling my billing account. Audible allows cancellation of their accounts over the internet only once, if you’ve already canceled your account before and have reactivated it again you can no longer go the online way for cancellation of your subscription. I’ve seen quite a number of posts describing what an ordeal the whole process could be, which involves contacting Audible customer support and getting them to close your account. My experience with Audible Customer support was has been very good. I emailed them regarding cancellation of my subscription they emailed be back suggesting some other options ( like every customer service should!) and I actually liked one of their suggestions and took it. They were happy about it and offered me a small discount (a gesture of goodwill) for being a trusted Audible customer for over 3 years now! So if you do a search for Audible account cancellations and come up with blog posts drenched in negativity… I’ve just got to say that I feel sorry for their experience and your’s might be good like mine 😉

Ps: If you did take the time to read through the complete post you might have noted the prevalent use of “I”, well this post is based solely on my experience! you have been warned.

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