Low light photography – On the Phone

As they say,

“the best camera is the one that you always have with you”

Ok, I believe I’ve heard that before Chase Jarvis came out with his book of iPhone photographs – which is why I’m not citing him as the source of the above fact! Anyway the point is,  try taking pictures with your mobile phone. No, everybody cannot have an iPhone – go around taking pictures, quickly procesing them with apps and posting them online. The iPhone is cool device to capture quick images and do some snazzy edits and publish them, but you can still learn something from your non-iphone (crappy) images. I shot the above images with my Samsung Soul U900 (Samsung just doesn’t get mobile phone cameras!) which does “ok” in good lighting but is pathetic in low light. The above images were shot under seriously low light conditions which allowed me to think more on the lines of light ofcourse but as well as shape, composition and dozen other things which I never would have thought about had I carried my SLR along with me.

Shooting images with a very limiting device lets you brainstorm concepts you know and think about those you’ve never given much thought to, that’s what matters when you’re looking to get better images. Features and choice tend to lead you on a different path of creativity which is good! but keeps you off “the road not taken” or less taken. Try it and you’ll know what I mean. I have no illusion that the above images show skill and creative thinking – but hey, they helped my though process about photography itself!

Indeed if you’re looking for something that demonstrates skill and creativity using a “not so good” camera then check out the iPhone Fashion Photoshoot by Lee Morris below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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