History of Rock’nRoll – Web Music Series

The Incompleat History of Rock’nRoll is a web music series that I discovered recently and strongly believe that any music fan should be looking forward to. If you’ve seen my LastFM profile, I listen mostly to contemporary artists (say within the past 10 to 20 years) – though I love to mix them up with some of the “old timers”. Its an experience that will overload your aural senses by stretching the spectrum of musical styles. Somewhere along that journey I’ve moved steadily more into jazz and been getting to the roots of rock’n roll. While recently listening to the iTunes Celebrity Playlist podcast (warning may launch your iTunes application!) of U2’s Edge I discovered a wealth of New Orleans musicians whom I’ve never heard of, yet they were some of the pioneers of modern rock’n roll – which led me to the Incompleat History of Rock’n Roll series. Its short, sweet and takes someone like me..waaay back into the music scene! highly recommend it.

This trailer should be sufficient to hook any music fan, don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel, episodes are updated at irregular intervals!

“The most promising Web music series” of 2010

– David Wild of Rolling Stone

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