A Frame of Freedom

Blogadda is conducting a photography contest with the theme, Freedom. Here’s my entry;

A frame of Freedom

Well, I know using a bird to denote freedom is so cliche, (seriously, how many lone bird(s) and eagle(s) soaring high do we need to visualize freedom?) but freedom is not about being alone or flying alone. This image depicts my visual cue of freedom, being among peers – yet having one’s own ideas and views – sharing a common space with understanding and acceptance (of your neighbor’s freedom). Flight is freedom, its more enjoyable when you can fly at your pace, style and most of all with your peers.

For Photo Geeks:

Shot with a Nikon D40 / (Nikon 70-300 VR) 180mm /f5.3/ ISO 800 – 1/125th shutter. processed in Adobe Lightroom.


23 responses to “A Frame of Freedom”

  1. Beautiful shot and composition.

  2. Thanks for your Comments guys.

  3. nikon d40 😦
    i just have a pns, canon powershot a480
    birds denoting freedom, no matter however clichéd, looks good nonetheless..
    good one bala 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by Vivek. Sure a point & shoot is no match for an SLR, but until you move onto an SLR you still can achieve the best from the A480.

  4. Lovely capture Bala!

  5. wow..gud luck!

  6. i loved the words more than the image even though the image was fantastic.

    1. Thanks for dropping by wise donkey.

  7. Hmm… Fantastic shot… (When will I own a SLR!!!) Good luck for competition bala…

  8. Thanks Swetha, hoping you’ll soon enough have an SLR (tip: I started out with a used one!)

  9. Hey Bala, I really liked the way you perceived it… The combined anatomy gives a brilliant frame….

  10. great shot…..
    its really true freedom is within us all we need to do is feel it…..

    nd ya if you hav tym please go through my post(im a new blogger) nd leave a comment about wat you feel like…. thanks..


  11. I really like the texture of this shot. By far one of the finest ones in the entries so far! All the best!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Hiyaa, I see you have a nice entry for the contest as well – Good luck to you.

  12. Just dropped in to say thanks for visiting my blog , on blogspot really. http://mayank-p.blogspot.com

  13. Well shot and nicely processed…[www.photoblog.ajeethboaz.com]

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