Karthik’s “Music I Like”

I’m a fusion lover and am constantly on the lookout for interesting content. The problem with fusion is that there is so much chaff out there, its really difficult to pickup the good ones. I will not get into my reasons for describing certain fusion albums as chaff, instead let me point you to something that I recently came across and liked (thanks to Milliblog).

MUSIC I LIKE – This album is a collection of some of the most popular kritis (traditional Carnatic classical compositions) sung by one of the leading playback singers of South India — Karthik.

A complete fusion project, this album features these famous Carnatic Kritis rendered in its traditional form, fused with western musical elements. With the sound of the Drums, Guitars, Keyboards merging with that of the Violin, Flute, Mridangam and other traditional instruments, “Music I Like” is a unique fusion album. The music of the album is arranged by well-known music director Sai Madhukar.


2 responses to “Karthik’s “Music I Like””

  1. No Briji, but just heard them on Amazon & Me likey 🙂

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