Review of the Huawei iDEOS X3 8510

These days feature-phones are fast being replaced by low end smartphones that just about everybody looking for a phone can afford! Though things are never that simple, the dearth of budget smartphones coming out means that one needs to be more careful about anything that carries the moniker “entry level smartphone”. Not everybody can afford the top of the line Dual core smartphones and frankly these top end are now getting pretty close in size with their tablet brother-en!

The Huawei X3 is the ideal save-your-money and check-out-what-android 2.3-can-do smartphone that can keep most users happy for the money they spend on the device. You can read my complete review at Brighthub, but here’s the brief version.

The X3 is an entry level device which seems to target handsets like the HTC Gratia, LG GT540, LG Optimus ME, HTC Wildfire and the Samsung Galaxy Mini (may be the Optimus One as well..).The X3 8510 is a good looking smartphone (read doesn’t have the looks of a cheap no-name handset!), its sleek by smartphone standards (but its no Galaxy II either!) and just feels right in the hands. Performance is decent, considering the 600 Mhz processor and paltry 256 Mb of RAM. Passes the Angry Birds test without too much performance hit, but not ideally a gaming device. That said several casual games run without a hitch.There are a bunch of videos on Youtube demonstrating the X3’s gaming prowess. After a month of having the X3 as my primary phone, I feel that its a very competitive entry level Android device that’s definitely worth the price! Yes, its not fast or powerful but that never stopped me from using it. Android 2.3 – check, Navigation – check, Google maps – check, email and social networking – check, expandable memory – check, location awareness and connectivity check, with checks on all the right boxes Huawei has offered a good smartphone for the money. Go read the full review to see the strengths and where the Huawei X3 doesn’t do so well…here’s a clue…the battery!


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