Notify 2 – Must have Email Notifier for the Mac

Remember google notifier? I used to be a big fan and used it regularly, was good till it lasted. The google notifier for the Mac is no longer available and though the Apple Mail client will give you an audible tone to denote arrival of new mail – I love the Gmail interface and love to use it.

Notify 2 is a fabulous piece of software designed for the mac that notifies you whenever you’ve got mail! and it does it with so much style that you wouldn’t go back to your mail client. Also you can reply and compose message quickly and zap them off in no time! I have a review here and would definitely recommend the $10 pro version – though the free version does the job as well as is no slouch.

Macheist nanoBundle – Software Goodness for the Mac

As is custom, the awesome group of Macheist guys are offering a “first taste” with their Machiest nanoBundle. The bundle consists of apps worth $150 for free! that’s right FREE! You might start thinking that it might not be worth it, but its got some gems.

9D5EF406-20D8-4761-8093-966B7EDCD425.jpgShovebox – An information organiser that’s simple and straightforward to use. Yojimbo in my opinion is an overkill for most users, Shovebox is the way to go. With their companion iPhone app its just prefect. Actual price $24.95

1B0FE57B-0053-441A-9773-A76B8ED290B8.jpgWriteRoom – If you’Re into any kind of writing be it a simple blog or just a personal journal, the distraction free interface of WriteRoom is a godsend. I love writing at full screen with nothing to distract my attention. Actual price $24.95

D16C6015-5DAD-47A6-99DB-688F016615E3.jpgTwitterific – A very “macish” twitter client that gets the job done with ease and style $14.95

59BBC154-6387-48F4-9FD4-1568571A9EFE.jpgMariner Write – This is just the tool that I’ve been looking forward to try. I generally use Bean for my Word processing needs (I hear it! TextEdit is just fine – but not all the time!). I liked Bean’s simple and elegant interface and functionality, but i did feel that it lacked a few quick formatting options that would be wonderful to have especially when working with images. I’ve heard a lot about Mariner Write from colleagues and fellow writers and was always looking forward to switch over but restrained myself when i saw the $50 price tag! And now..go figure 🙂
Oh by the way Mariner Write is not yet available in the bundle, it is unlocked once 500,000 participants download the bundle, so help me out here by getting some free software for your mac! 😉
Haven’t heard of tinygrab, will definitely check it out – Horde of Orcs is a tower defense game for your mac desktop. So just click here to enter the world of Macheist free software goodness!

Just 2 days left, so rush NOW!

Update : while my post was on the drafts, Macheist just added Virus Barrier to the bundle! not that your Mac would require an antivirus anytime soon, but still if you’re super security conscious there is now one more reason to go for the nanoBundle!