Photos from Deepavali ’09

One of my favorite photo blogs, The Boston Big Picture has a collection of ’09 Deepavali Photos that are a must see for Photo geeks.


10 Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Project

10 Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Project

via Bitesize Bio.

A  recommended article.

My Photoblog – Pixelpainted!

Pixelpainted - My Photoblog

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a photoblog for about a year now. Flickr is the best place to share photos with friends but it still has that sort of “inner-circle” appeal and mostly has a difficult interface for newbies who just want to present their pictures…Tumblr has been one of the best microblogging platforms that i’ve ever used and with the introduction of several themes it has become my choice for putting out a very simple no frills photoblog (with a nice design.. ofcourse!). So feel free to check out my choicest pics at Pixelpainted.