The following are podcasts that i highly recommend,ofcourse this is also my subscription list and this is by no mean’s final.I add items to the list as soon as i find something worthwhile.

  1. The Naked Scientist Podcast
  2. Discovery News Podcast
  3. Microbe World Radio
  4. Nature Podcast
  5. Scientific American Podcast
  6. The Week from The Scientist
  7. Futures in Biotech from TWIT
  8. Science Podcast from Science

Note: If you do not find a link for any of the above not working please try searching in the Itunes Podcast directory (needless to say you need itunes for that).

Coming soon..



  1. ToDoList
  2. Hipster PDA
  3. Action Outliner
  4. Zoho Planner
  5. 20 resources for GTD from Listible


Writing Tools

  1. Reference Manager/Endnote
  2. Evernote/Microsoft Onenote
  3. Zoho Writer
  4. Zotero


Blogs & Websites

  1. Academic productivity
  2. Presentation Zen
  3. Academic Blogs wiki
  4. Efficient Academic Discussion group
  5. Efficient Academic Bookmarks

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