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24 bits of Christmas

Though I have never owned any Linn audio hardware, I have always been a fan of their high quality records. Here is a chance to get your hands on selected Studio Master Quality recordings from Linn. As always, a DAC is a necessary recommendation for getting the best from these wonderful recordings.

Merry Christmas!

Available for free download until Tuesday 6th January 2015 10:00GMT

Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac Review

Denon had recently refreshed their headphones lineup with several new entrants to keep up with the demands of the personal entertainment market. You can check out the complete lineup on the Denon homepage. The Denon AH-D340, reviewed here comes under the Music Maniac line with a neutral tuning (no enhancement of bass or treble regions of the music).Though the company has not made it clear, I believe this lineup matches up closely and could be the successor of the their previously popular D2000, 5000 & 7000 models. Denon is a competent player in the audio entertainment industry and my personal experience with the D2000 left me with a very good impression of their headphones line as well.

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