Mobile IntelĀ® 915GM/GMS, 910GML – Compatible games

I am one of the many (i guess) who is stuck on a laptop with the Mobile Intel 915/910 chipset. But i do like to play games and try to squeeze the best i can from my graphics support ;-). I checked with the Intel website to find a list of games that run decently on the chipset, their list i believe is no longer or rarely updated, so i decided to make a list of my own with the help of the community of gamers (inclusive of the above games. The following games are compatible (meaning they are ‘playable’ -no funky settings, but just decent frame rate and gameplay) with the Mobile Intel 915/910 chipset.If you have the above Intel chipset and have played games apart from the ones mentioned here please be kind enough to contribute to the list via the comments section.

A comprehensive listing of all tips, tricks & suggestion for gaming on the Intel9x platform is available at the Google group.


This discussion has been moved to a separate Google Group at Thanks for all the comments.


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