Tips for better images from a Cameraphone

The modern mobile phones are no longer just gadgets for communication. Starting with the addition of the camera to the current phones providing considerable image processing power and software to perform advanced functions, the mobile phone is a creative’s delight!No matter where your muse leads you, be it writing(blogging), photography, painting/sketching its all possible with today’s phones

As an aspiring photographer I’ve always seen the mobile phones as a medium of expression, the handy set of brushes that a creative soul can carry around.Most modern mobile phone users employ the camera on their phones for the occasional quick photography situations, but if you’re really serious about your photography you can put that mobile phone camera to some serious use. The most important skill one needs to develop in order to get good images out of a camera phone is to understand its limitations and find a way to work with and around them.

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Must have Mobile Accessories

Though most of today’s mobile phones are powerhouses that allow one to carry one’s work and entertainment along they always fall short in realizing the full potential of the device. The mobile phone accessory industry has grown up to solve this “last mile” performance problem. As most the modern day phones as smart devices, meaning they offer much in the way of connectivity and processing power they can always be improved upon using accessories to get better performance out of them. Here are my favorite cell phone accessories that have allowed me to realize the complete potential of my Smartphone.

Extended Battery:

The increase in processing power and the transition of phones into complete portable entertainment and connectivity devices has brought about a need for extended battery lives. Though mobile phone manufacturers are making constant improvements in increasing battery capacity they almost always seem to fall short of consumer expectations. Third party power packs or additional batteries with extended power capacities are way to go for increasing the working time of mobile phones and other mobile devices.

I use the Just Mobile Pro Portable Battery pack which gets the job done for my iPod, Smartphone and portable router!

Ergonomics and comfort:

Most of the modern day mobile devices always to seem to fall short on the ergonomics front which seems to be the last priority for manufacturers. A modern day Smartphone is capable of delivering a full length TV program or movie for that matter and still does not come with a setup that would allow the device to lay on a tabletop for comfortable viewing. There are some manufacturers like Archos which seem to provide built-in stands for the purpose but most others don’t bother. The availability of compact stands and mounts has however solved this issue at a very nominal price. A dock or a stand is available for almost every Smartphone that allows the user better comfort and flexibility in enjoying a portable device. Also docks that combine a music player, clock serve as a wonderful music system, but you can always go for the classical small dock that just lets you stick the phone in and get charged and synced with your computer.

I use a iHome iP9, which is one of my favorite gadgets for music, alarm clock and charging my iPod. A Walimex iPhone/iPod Touch stand lets me watch my favorite videos and podcasts when on the go.

Speakers/headphones & Keyboards:

Just about every Smartphone or internet tablet today comes with a standard pair of headphones. The problem is that these add-ons are usually not best at what they do. The iPhone, iPod, iPad or for that matter most media consumption devices provide better quality audio which can never be completely appreciated with the bundled headphone/mic combination. One does not have to be an audiophile to notice the difference that a good third party headphone can bring to a Smartphone or tablet. Some recent Smartphones and tablets now offer the capability of using external wireless keyboards that provide a better interface for type input. If you are a writer or do serious word processing, trust me, a physical keyboard always beats the onscreen one easily! There is something about touching physical keys and the ergonomic comfort that it offers which so far haven’t been matched by virtual keyboards (and probably will never be). Lastly if you’re the outdoor type of person, pick up one of the portable speakers available and enjoy music through the speakers meant for music rather than the puny ones on your device. Portable speaker technology has seen great improvements and there are wonderful portable wireless speakers available that are just fabulous for use at a picnic, barbecue and at any other outdoor activity.

I use, a Logitech Mini Boombox as a portable speaker (over Bluetooth) and Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 vi for the headphone/mic solution.

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Phonak Audéo PFE 112 – Review

I like listening to music on a headphone/earphone setup for the following very practical reasons (I just like it that way, not being one of them!). I move around a lot and don’t want to lug around massive speakers (though sweet as they are, oh those Audioengines, KEFs….), my neighborhood is a silent one and I dislike keeping my speakers “tamed” ;-).

This is not going to be a detailed review cause there are better ones out there ( linked in this post).The Phonak Audéo PFE 112 is an IEM that simply wipes out most if not all of its similarly priced competitors. Ok, you can now stop reading and go get the Phonaks.. still not convinced! on.

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iBomber – Arcade style bomber for the iPhone & iPod Touch

iBomber is one of the most interesting games that I’ve come across on the iPhone platform. It simplicity and elegant gameplay makes it my most played game on my iPod touch. Wrote a review of iBomber here, have a look and see if you’ve got in you what it takes to be a iBomber 😉

Ofcourse, you don’t have to buy the paid version – the lite version of the game gives a taste of what you get when you pay! The levels that come with the pay version are pretty cool and will keep you occupied for quiet a while. I find myself iBombing waiting for a tram or at my neighborhood McCafé.