iClipboard – Bringing Copy/Paste to the iPhone/iPod

iClipboard – Bringing Copy/Paste to the iPhone/iPod

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WordPress -Iphone/Ipod blogging client

Blogging on the iPod touch/iphone as ridiculous as it may sound,is nevertheless a very exciting adventure. As the complaints with the “keyboards” on these gadgets being not the most comfortable,I must say that if your fingers aren’t stubby – you might get away with the inbuilt keyboard decently. I tried out the WordPress blogging client on the ipod touch, and could squeeze out this not so bad rant about it.So roughly the client does a pretty good job, saves drafts, allows you to get posts from the blog & edit them etc. However there are some features that really need some polish.The predictive text facility on the WordPress blogging client is a very clever idea. But it definitely needs some more intelligence(to save on the keytaps) . Is there spell checker on this? Would be nice idea with that pesky nimble “keyboard”!

Having said all the above, I guess this is only decent blogging application available out there ( atleast till red sweater software comes out with a version of marsedit for this platform).